World first’s Mother for Mother Network: Amul

Amul Mother for Mother Advertisement

On this Women’s day, Amul launched its ‘Mother for Mother’ advertisement. Amul creates this recent marketing campaign to celebrate Mothers. Over 36 Lakhs farmer-mother rise every day to nourish the families of 200 lakh city mothers. This is the World’s First Mothers For Mothers Network.

  • The ad starts with waking up of two mothers ( one from a rural area and another from urban area) as they gently caress their still sleeping child.
  • Next, they start preparing for Morning beverages using Amul Milk
  • Then, both the mother starts doing their own task.
  • Urban Mother start working on her laptop and Rurlar Mother milks the cows and went to testing center.
  • Next, Rurlar Mother went on a bicycle to deliver milk to every mother in the city.
  • Urban Mother happily received the Amul milk and little girl (daughter) willingly sips on her fresh glass of milk, at the breakfast table.
  • Then at the end, Urban Mother says good-bye to Rurlar Mother.

The untold relationship between two mothers is the main crux of this advertisement. All the mother cares for her children and wishes her children get the purest milk. Assuming, the mother selling milk will understand this, a mother buying milk can trust another mother. This is the concept of Mother for Mother Network. Over 36 Lakhs farmer-mother rise every day to nourish the families of 200 lakh city mothers.

Further, as usual, the lyrics are awesome and it will remind you of the earlier ads of the Amul. Watch out the previous ad made by Amul below

Amul Manthan Advertisement

Really superb advertisement. Do not forget to listen to the complete song and share your feedback with us.

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