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10 Reason Why We Hate Google AdSense

10 Reason Why We Hate Google AdSense

If you want to know why we hate Google AdSense then check out this article. Here we will share ‘Why We Hate Google AdSense?

Of course, Google AdSense is the first name that will come to your mind when you think about making money online. But every coin has its two sides. Similarly, Google AdSense also has its negative side. Below you will find the top 10 reasons why we hate Google AdSense and why Google AdSense sucks!

Why do We hate Google Adsense?

If you are planning to create a Google AdSense Account, then you should refer the below article before creating an account.

Minimum Requirement

Usually, it is said that there is no minimum requirement for creating AdSense Account but this is not correct. If you are from Asian Country like India then you should wait for a minimum of six months before applying for AdSense. Yes, you need to wait for six from the date of the launch of the website.

Approval Process

Even after completing six months, you need to wait for a month to get approval. Google takes around one month to manually verify and approve the account.

Yes, sometimes it even takes more than one month to approve the website.

Ban from AdSense Account

Once you get banned, you can never get back in. Yes, Google AdSense can ban you Permanently. There are cases where Google has banned the accounts suddenly without prior notice.

Ban by Google Adsense

The ban by Google Adsense

Too Many Rules to Follow

Following terms and condition is another hectic for an AdSense Account holder. You need to follow lots of rules for website advertising. For example, the Number of Ads per page, Ads Placement Policy, etc.

Further, if you violate any of the rules then you will get banned permanently.

Too Many Rules in Google Adsense

Too Many Rules in Google Adsense, Source

Customer Support

Being a monopoly customer in the market, Google Adsense is not bothered to answer your query. You have to wait for too many days to get a reply from them. Really AdSense customer support sucks.

Threshold Limit

The threshold limit of Google Adsense is 100$, which is comparably higher than any other platform. So, you will not get the payment unless you reached the threshold limit of 100$.

Even after reaching this minimum payout, you need to wait for a week to receive the Cheque from them. (Online Payment is not available in many countries)

Cost per Click Rate

If you are not from a Western Country like Europe, the USA, etc then there is no chance that you will get a CPC rate greater than 1$. Yes, the CPC rate of Countries like India is very low. It is hardly 0.12 dollars per click.

Of course, the CPC rate depends on many other factors but it is always on the lower side for Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka, etc.

Gambling & Adult Websites

Gambling and Adult websites are not eligible for AdSense Programme. So, if you are running any such website then you can not create an AdSense account.

Limited Scope of Showing Advertisement

Yes, the ad placement policy of Google AdSense is too strict. There are lots of rules and regulations that you need to follow before placing an advertisement on your site. For example, You can not place the ads in Smart Slider.

It is after a long time, Google AdSense recently come with the Page Level Ads Features. Using this, now you can show the advertisement attached to the bottom of the mobile screen.

Secondary Source of Income

Google AdSense does not guarantee any fixed amount of money every month. It keeps on fluctuating. It may also be possible that you will make no money from your AdSense Site.

So, it is always a secondary source of Income for the blogger or website owner.

Now your turn. If you are using Google AdSense or had used Google AdSense then please share your views with us. Further, this will be a great help to beginners who are planning to create an AdSense Account.

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