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10 ways to get quality backlinks to your blogs

10 ways to get quality backlinks to your blogs

If you had recently started a blog or struggling to get quality backlinks for your blogs then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will suggest you 10 different and easiest way to get quality backlinks to your blog. Hope you will enjoy these link building tips.

Before starting with the article, let us understand what is backlinks and why it is important? Backlinks are the incoming hyperlinks coming from another website. For example: On website ‘X’ if you find the link of Website ‘Y’ then it will be backlink for ‘Y’. Backlinks are very important for SEO. In the simple language, more the number of backlinks more the chances of improving website ranking in SERP. You can monitor backlinks through free tools ‘Backlink Checker‘.

Note: We had included only those link building tips which are easiest to create for any new website. This is basically a small tutorial on how we managed to build 750 backlinks within 2 months. Here is the proof.

Lots of Backlinks for LoveUMarketing

Lots of Backlinks for LoveUMarketing

10 Link Building Ways

Yes, we create our blog in Jan’2017 and we managed to get 750 backlinks in two months of the launch of our blog. Below are the ways by which we managed to get these links.

By Linking Your blog or website on another website

If this is not your first website then you can link your new website with your another website. We did the same thing. We link back our new website with another website.

Backlinks on another website

Backlinks on another website

We suggest adding the link in the footer or signature of the website. It will create lots of free backlinks. In our case, we added the link in the signature of the forum of another website.

Social Media Sharing

Another easiest way of building link is Sharing post on various social media. Yes, you can create the quality backlinks by sharing your blogs on social media. Please find below the backlinks we created by sharing post on social media like Facebook

backlinks by sharing post on social media like facebook

backlinks by sharing a post on social media like facebook

It doesn’t matter whether someone like your post or not, social media will help you in creating backlinks even though you have the zero followers or fans. So keep sharing the post on social media networks.

Document and Photo Sharing Sites

Document sharing websites are another best way for creating backlinks for your sites. Just simply upload your articles in PDF format to these sites. You can also share your photo or images online to create good backlinks. Photos can be shared on various websites like Pinterest, Flicker, and Instagram etc. Here, we had submitted our article to ‘SlideShare

Make sure your PDF files are text based rather than scanned images. Search Engine bots can’t read the text within the image file.

SEO Audit

Want to build backlinks? Then, check your SEO Score online. Your SEO audit report will help you to build backlinks for you.

This report will also help you in optimizing your website and thereby improving your score. We had used three SEO website to carry SEO audit. Please do the google for the list of such websites.

Backlinks created through SEO Audit

Backlinks created through SEO Audit

Plugins Review:

Plugin review is another way for building backlinks. Just visit the official page of the plugins you are using and submit your review. We did the same thing. We had submitted the review for all the plugins we had installed on our website.

Backlinks through plugins review

Backlinks through plugins review

This is the easiest and best way for building quality backlinks because

  • Everyone likes the positive feedback
  • This kind of plugins is hosted on the official website with high page rank. Backlinks on this kind of website will be boon for your site

Website or Blog Showcase

If you are using any online platform to run your website or blog then submit your sites to its showcase page. We submitted our website to showcase page of WordPess. Similarly, we had also submitted our online store to Prestashop’s showcase page. Please do not forget to read the terms and condition page before submitting the sites

Showcase website to wordpress site

Showcase website to WordPress site

Discussion Forum or Message Board

It is another easiest way to create backlinks for your website or blog.You can create backlinks by answering few questions on Quora or submitting your content to Ampower. These websites allow you to link back your website with answer or article.

Comments on other’s Blog

Commenting on another blog will also help you in building quality backlinks. All you need to do is to visit another blog from the same niche and comment on his blog with linking back to your site URL.Try to comment on high PR blog. It will help you to create quality backlinks.

Article Sharing Website

Article sharing website is another way to create quality backlinks. You can submit your articles to top article sharing website free and in return get backlinks to your website or blog. This article sharing website will also help you to increase traffic on your website. We had submitted our article to ‘articledirectoryusa

Such website also allows you to links your social media profile and blog address on your public profile page.

Forum Signature

Last but not the least way to build good quality backlinks is using a signature on the forum or Message Board. Just get yourself register on message boards related to your niche and update the profile with your website’s signature. Your website’s signature will appear beneath every post made by you.

Please Note: It would yield a better result if you build backlinks on high PR websites.

So there is no need of using any link building services or backlinks builder tools for getting backlinks. Now, you can build backlinks easily using online link building tips.

If you are using any other way to create backlinks then please share the same with us. Feel free to contact us if you face any problem in using any of the above techniques.

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  1. A little outdated, but still basic and useful tips. Sharing on social media still helps websites a little. Building quality backlinks anyway, is a little harder nowadays.
    Thanks for the tips!

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