10 ways to Increase Your Adsense Earning Immediately

10 ways to Increase Your Adsense Earning Immediately

Adsense (PPC advertising network) is the financial backbone of any website or blog. If you want to increase your Adsense earning immediately then you at the right place.

Please note here in this article we will not discuss the factors which help in earning a good income. Instead, we will consider only those techniques which can be implemented immediately. These changes can be made immediately to your AdSense account and thereby increase your income to a great extent. In a simple language, this article is about the optimization of your AdSense site.

Refer to the below article if you want to increase the CPC rate and thereby your earnings. Trust me, after implementing the techniques mentioned in below article, you will be in position to increase your adsense CPC (Cost per click) rate.

How to Increase the Adsense CPC Rate?

10 ways to Increase your Adsense Earning

Below are the top 10 ways to increase your Adsense earning immediately. You can make all these changes in your Adsense account.

Placement of Ad Units

Proper placement of ad units is necessary to optimize Google Adsense earning. It has been observed that the units placed on the top of the page earn better than the one which is placed at the bottom of the page. So, to increase your earning optimize the ad placement now. If it is not possible to add the ad unit on the top of the page then you can follow any one of the below formats for your website.

Placement of Ads
Placement of Ads

Block Low Paying Ad Networks

Block the ad networks with low CPC rate. You can block them through the “Allow & block ads” option given on the Adsense site. You can also block certain categories. There are a fair number of categories that produce low paying clicks especially some in the “Sensitive categories” tab.

Ad Unit Formatting

Formatting of the ad unit is another way to increase your earning. Try to optimize the ad unit by changing the size and color of it. You must try to make the ad units identical to your website. It should look as if it is part of your website. Optimize the look to the extent it possible. Check below image for more detail and clarification.

Formatting of the ad unit in adsense site
Formatting of the ad unit in Adsense site

In the above example, we had made the background and color of link text identical to the website.

Ad Size

Optimize the size of the ad to increase your Adsense earning. It has been observed that a rectangular ad unit performs better than any other unit. So, try to add the rectangular ad unit to your post. Of course, this is one of the general observation, so you need to consider your layout and space before making any changes to the website.

Enable Text and Image Ads

Enable both Text and Image ads for your website. This will increase your chance to earn more money from your Adsense unit. Google will start displaying image ads on your website and you will get paid more for this kind of ads. So, do not block image such advertisement on your website.

text and display ads in adsense
text and display ads in AdSense

Responsive Ads

Start showing responsive ads on your website.  With the increase in the use of internet on mobile, there is a great need for showing responsive ads on a mobile device. Use of a responsive ad unit will increase the chance of earning more money. Placing the ad unit at a selected place.

Showing responsive ads in mobile
Showing responsive ads in mobile

Using Ad Unit at right Place

Ad units placed within the post or beneath the ‘Download Now‘ option will earn more money as compared to other ad units. Try to optimize the ad placement and placed the same where the visitor gets interacts more. For example: In the document downloading website, you can place the ad units near download option.

Advertisement near download now option
Advertisement near download now option


Optimum use of Adsense ad Unit

Make the optimum use of available AdSense ad unit. Enable the below options if you are not using it on your website yet.

Adblocker Warning

Enable adblocker warning on your website. Do not allow the visitor to visit your website, if adblocker is enabled. Ask them to disable the ad blocker to visit your website. This will not only increase the number of views but you will also get more money from your Adsense site.

Disable ad blocker warning on your website
Disable ad blocker warning on your website

Ad Balance

Google recently launched a new feature where you can focus on the best performing ads and thereby reducing the number of ads to be shown per page. By enabling this option, google will show only those ads that make you the most money, improving the overall visitor experience of your site at a minimal cost to you.

Ad balance new feature of google adsense
Ad balance new feature of google Adsense

In the above example, though we reduce the number of ads by 23% the earning will remain the same. You will earn the same amount by showing less number of advertisements.

There is no best way to increase the Adsense earnings. Keep on experimenting and freeze it once you get succeeded in making more money.  If you got succeeded in the past then please share the same with us. Your suggestion will be helpful to others. You can share your technique in below comment box.

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