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6 Tips To Write a Great Blog Post

6 Tips To Write a Great Blog Post

If you are a beginner and want to write a great blog post then you are at right place. After reading this post, we are sure that you will be able to write a great post every day.

But, before starting with an article let us know why writing a good blog post is important for a blog? Actually, ‘Blog Post‘ is the key to your success. A visitor visits your site just to read your blog post. If you do not publish a good quality content then he will not visit again.

So, it is very important to write a good blog post to retain them. Below, are the 6 useful tips to write a great blog post.

How to Write a Blog Post

We are sure after reading this post, you will feel that it is very easy to write a great post. Just follow these 6 tips and make your post great and fully optimized for the search engine.

Proper use of Keywords in a Blog

This is the very first thing that you need to consider for writing a great blog post. Use of proper and right keywords can skyrocket your blogging site. So, it is very important to do proper keywords research before writing a post. Read the below post to know how to select the keywords for your post.

How to Keyword Research using Keyword Tool

But before publishing the post, always ensure that you have included all those keywords for which you want to rank your site in the search engine.It is also important to use these keywords in the proper density. Over Stuffing of keywords may result in spam post. Read On Page Optimization tips at below link.

On Page Optimization Tips For Your Blog Post

Write Catchy Blog Title

After Keywords, writing a catchy blog headline is very important. This is the clue for what the article is about. A good and catchy blog headline attract visitors to read your post.

Check out this image. The headline is very catchy, isn’t it?

Catchy Headline for Blog Post

Catchy Headline for Blog Post

The above snapshot is taken from Quora. This is just an example. We had selected this topic, just to draw your attention and to explain to you how important the Blog Title is?

For creating a blog title, you can take the help of ‘blog post title generator‘ available online. This tool gives you endless catchy topic headlines and title suggestions.

Add Images to your Post

Just think, You are reading a book without any image in it. How would you feel? Not Good. Right?

Similarly, a blog post without any images is boring and not attractive. Adding images, not only enhance the blog post but also make it attractive. It helps to grab the reader attention even before reading the post. So it is very important to add images for writing a great blog post.

Read this article to find royalty free images for your blog
Website To Get Royalty Free Images For Your Blog

Grammatical Error Free Post

It is very important to write an error free blog post. No one like to read a poorly written blog post. Ensure there are no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the post.

Are you poor in English? No Problem, just install this free grammar checker and rest it will take care. This plugin will help you in writing a good error free blog post.

Grammarly error check online

Grammarly error check online

Write Naturally

Do not write like you are publishing a book. Write naturally as if you are explaining to someone. Visitors reading your post will hope for the detailed explanation of the topic.

Even Search Engine don’t like the mechanical post. For mechanical post, many Article Spinners are available in the market. We are not required for this.

So always write a post in a natural flow and backed by a good explanation.

Blog Post Conclusion

Always conclude your post with a Question. Ask a question to your readers and this in return will provide free comments and feedback to your article.

At the end of the post, ask your reader, what is their opinion? Also, ask them to share any better alternative for the problem.

So, end your post with a question seeking an answer from your readers.

That’s it. Ensure these 6 tips to write a great post. We are sure if you consider these 6 tips for your post then you will have a great post.

Now your turn, if you know any other ways to make a great blog post then please do share with us. Further, if you face any problem in implementing above tips then feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to help you.

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