6 Ways To Use Your Smartphone For Your Online Business

6 ways to use smartphone for your online business

Now, running a small business from a smartphone is no longer a big deal but its a reality. You can easily run your online business from a Mobile Phone. A good Smartphone or Tablet has replaced the need of Computer for running an online business. Below are the top 6 practical use of Smartphone for running an online business or website.

Of course, if you have the good Phone or Tablet then you can run all your applications inside it. But here, we are not talking about that high-tech Mobile Phone or Tablets. They are very costly and are out of the budget for most of us. Instead, we are discussing the normal Smartphone that every individual have.

Even we are managing our two websites and a blogging site through this normal Smartphone. We are using Lenovo A7700 to run our online business and websites.

Use of Smartphone

Here, we had included only those uses which are routine in nature and can be managed through a normal Smartphone. Below are the six different ways in which we are using our Mobile Phone for running the online business and blogging site.

Check Emails

This is the biggest use of any Smartphone. You can use your Smartphone for checking emails daily. Now, there is no need of computer anymore. You can reply to your Customers directly through Smartphone. This will also improve your overall response time.

Checking Emails in Mobile
Checking Emails in Mobile

Further, there will be secure server email login, so you don’t need to worry about its security.

Best Notes and To Do List

Roaming outside and suddenly an idea clicked in your mind. No Problem, you can use your Smartphone for taking the notes. Today many inbuilt mobile apps are available for taking the notes.

Evernote Checklist Mobile App
Ever note Checklist Mobile App

Further, you can also use the Smartphone for preparing your daily task management. You can create your ‘To Do List‘ directly in your Smartphone.


You can also use your Smartphone for taking Images, Videos, and Podcasts. For example, If you roaming outside and suddenly you liked something, then you can take the snapshot of it in your mobile phone. You can also record your Podcast directly in your mobile phone.

Being running a marketing website, we are using our mobile phone too frequently. If we come across any print media in the market, we click the image immediately. For example, the below image was clicked by us in Gurgaon, India during lunch time.

Funny Ad of Cemetry
Funny Ad of Cemetery

Knowledge Base and Updates

You can also use the Smartphone to keep yourself up to date. Running an online business include lots of technicalities. So, it is important to keep yourself up to date against new technology. In the free time, you can use your Smartphone to update your knowledge online.

Further, You can also the Smartphone for keeping a watch on your competitors.You can track your competitor’s activities 24×7.

Mobile Apps

A smartphone can also be used for managing the online customer service of your business. Various mobile apps like Xabber, Freshdesk are available for such services. All you need to do is just install the mobile app and start providing customer services directly from the Smartphone.

Social Media Management

You can also use the Smartphone for ‘Social Media Management‘. Today’s almost every Social Media Network is available on the Smartphone. Just install its mobile apps and manage your network directly from the Smartphone.

LoveUMarketing facebook page in Smartphone
LoveUMarketing facebook page in Smartphone

Above all are the different ways in which we are using the Smartphone for our online business. If you are using your Smartphone for some other use then please do share with us. We will like to see how you are using your Smartphone for running the business?

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