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Airtel India-The Smartphone Network New Ad

    Airtel Boss Ad The_Smartphone Network

    Relationships often get stained due to professional demands. At such times, smartphones besides playing mere a communicating device,play cupid role in this new ad.

    • Ad start with a Lady boss telling two men that they need to complete the work with in given time assigned to them. No matter, they how long it take.
    • Then, lady boss leaves, says bye to her colleagues and once home, she make a delicious food for her husband.
    • In the next scene, Man, who is still at work, gets a call on his phone. The caller is “Wife”.
    • He explains to his wife that his boss gave him a lot of work, and he won’t be home for dinner.
    • Then the face of the his wife is shown and at this point of time you will come to know that they are married to each other.
    Boss TVC – The Smartphone Network

    Please click and wait to play the video

    Below are the list of various loopholes in this ads

    • In the world of ads, generally man are playing the role of boss but woman boss in this ad raise the doubts at the starting of  the ad.
    • No company would allow a couple to work in the same department
    • It is very difficult to say, what Airtel India is trying to promote through this ads. At  one times it seem that they are making promotion for kitchen appliance or ready-made sauces.
    • Till end of the ad you will not able to know that they are promoting the smart phone network.
    • Samsung Phone with Apple i phone ring tone

    But still this ad is really regressive and sexist too.

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