Airtel India-The Smartphone Network New Ad

Airtel Boss Ad The_Smartphone Network

Relationships often get stained due to professional demands. At such times, smartphones besides playing mere a communicating device,play cupid role in this new ad.

  • Ad start with a Lady boss telling two men that they need to complete the work with in given time assigned to them. No matter, they how long it take.
  • Then, lady boss leaves, says bye to her colleagues and once home, she make a delicious food for her husband.
  • In the next scene, Man, who is still at work, gets a call on his phone. The caller is “Wife”.
  • He explains to his wife that his boss gave him a lot of work, and he won’t be home for dinner.
  • Then the face of the his wife is shown and at this point of time you will come to know that they are married to each other.

Below are the list of various loopholes in this ads

  • In the world of ads, generally man are playing the role of boss but woman boss in this ad raise the doubts at the starting of  the ad.
  • No company would allow a couple to work in the same department
  • It is very difficult to say, what Airtel India is trying to promote through this ads. At  one times it seem that they are making promotion for kitchen appliance or ready-made sauces.
  • Till end of the ad you will not able to know that they are promoting the smart phone network.
  • Samsung Phone with Apple i phone ring tone

But still this ad is really regressive and sexist too.

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