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How an Animated Explainer Video can help your Digital Marketing Efforts

Animated Explainer Video can help your Digital Marketing Efforts

Things change quite fast in the world of digital marketing. To make the most of digital marketing and reap maximum benefits from digital marketing efforts, it is thus important for the organization to be flexible and adapted to change as regards their marketing approaches.

Digital marketing strategies are typically adjusted based on the changes in the algorithm of the search engines. The kind of content employed in a digital marketing strategy determines its effectiveness which is hinged to how well it performs in the search engines and gathers an audience. Videos are increasingly preferred as digital marketing content. Videos, especially animated explainer videos offer several benefits which are highlighted in this article. Animated explainer videos are currently used in a lot of marketing campaigns for reasons which include the following.

Improved web traffic

Every digital marketing strategy is aimed at improving the visibility of the organization and making a significant conversion as a result. Animated explainer videos play an essential role in improving the visibility of the website of an organization. This effect is because animated explainer videos rank better on YouTube and Google. The more persons that see the video because of the ranking on YouTube, the more persons that are likely to be converted.

Animated videos appeal to Internet users more other several other types of digital marketing content. They can also be put up in different platform and linked to the website, that way also improving the web traffic.

 Enhanced SEO

Although the improved SEO also leads to enhanced web traffic, this point particularly emphasizes the fact that animated explainer videos are important for boosting SEO and getting a page to the top of search results.

Here’s how animated explainer videos specifically improve SEO, as established by SEO experts. SEO is related to dwell time which is the amount of time a visitor spends on a website. When a video is put up on the website, especially an animated explainer video, the average visitor to a website will spend more time. The more time a visitor spends on a website, the better its rankings by the search engines. Animated video explainers are some of the content that is sure to increase the length of time the average visitor spends on the website.

It is important to mention at this point that the quality of the video also plays a major role. It is always best to seek the services of experts for animated video explainers. Animation Explainers, an animation studio in Toronto applies the best strategies and techniques in creating high-quality animated video explainers.

 Putting up an animated video on YouTube and linking it to the website of the organization is another way to improve SEO, specifically because with animated explainer videos, keywords that boost SEO can be included.

Enhanced web conversion rates

A proper animated explainer video is a great tool for improving web conversion rates. This is because these videos could explain terms which otherwise could be very technical. Animated explainer videos are specially adapted to engage users of the Internet, especially with the decreasing attention span.

Thus with an animated explainer video up on the landing page of an organization, users are better engaged and more obliged to take the next step. This importance of animated explainer videos in digital marketing is especially applicable in the technology industry, for an organization that offers services or tools that are quite technical to the end user.

Even if it came down to choosing between service providers offering the same service, one is bound to go with the service provider that gave more details about the services and the unseen technologies, probably with an animated explainer video.

Proper brand representation

There are very few categories of digital content that provide the level of brand representation that can be achieved with animated explainer videos. Animated explainer videos allow for better flexibility. By maximizing the allowed flexibility, an organization is allowed to tell as much of the story of the brand as possible.

It is especially important for sectors where users feel a need to connect to the vision and mission of the company. Instead of an About Us page crammed with words, the right combination of words and an animated explainer video will give a fuller effect and encourage the user to connect better with the brand.

There is a level of explanation of a business or the story behind a brand that can only be achieved with animated video explainers. Animated explainer videos can be specially tailored towards encouraging users to establish a relationship with a brand.

Educational purposes

People go on the Internet for different reasons which include educating themselves on different subjects. Apart from encouraging purchases, digital marketing strategies could be poised towards educating users.

Animated explainer videos are especially great for educational purposes as they give more details and are more relatable by the average user of the Internet. Educational animated explainer videos are thus great tools for maintaining user engagement. When user engagement is maintained, subsequent purchases can be made by the user as a result of the trust built by content which includes the videos.

How-to animated explainer videos majorly serve educational purposes. Animated videos for educational purposes could be on how to use a certain product or the technology behind the product.

Brand identity

Especially on social media, it has been established that animated explainer videos are important for creating brand identity. The advertising opportunities of an organization are also improved with the content includes animation. As of 2016, social media platforms such as Facebook were known to prefer video content to other forms of content because of the improved engagement.

Clients identify with a brand that has an identity better. It is thus significantly easier to make conversions on social media with content that includes animated explainer videos. Social media provide some of the best opportunities for establishing a brand identity, and animated explainer tools are strategic tools for achieving this purpose.

There are proofs of the benefits of animated video explainers. Digital marketing efforts should be targeted towards maximum benefits, and the incorporation of animated video explainers is strategic for achieving the maximum benefits from every digital marketing campaign.

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