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4 Bad Backlinks To Be Avoided For Successful Website

4 Bad Backlinks To Be Avoided For Successful Website

There are two kinds of backlinks. First the Good Backlinks and Second the Bad Backlinks. Good backlinks will boost your search engine ranking whereas the bad backlinks will eat up your whole website and pull it down to the last page of the search page.

Trust me, if your website has a good number of high-quality links then it will definitely rank higher in the search engine.

But, building high-quality backlinks is not an easy task. Actually, nobody knows if a backlink is good or bad?

If you check online then there are many people saying backlinks are good provided they are built naturally on a high authority website. But, this is not true in all cases.

Sometimes these kinds of links also don’t work.

So, What to do in this situation? How to build high-quality backlinks for your website? How to improve your search engine ranking position?

We have lots of articles written on these. You can refer those articles to learn different ways to build high quality and powerful backlinks.

But remember, to build a successful blog, only these techniques (given in the above article) are not enough. These techniques will only build good backlinks but do not protect your website from the bad backlinks.

Just imagine. Un-intentionally, you build lakhs of toxic links for your website. In this case, the impact of toxic backlinks will surpass the good backlinks.

Hence, it is equally important to learn What are toxic backlinks and how to avoid them? This article is about those toxic links.

Bad Backlinks For Your Website

Bad backlinks are those backlinks that will stick down your whole website to the last page of the search result. In simple words, this kind of backlinks will decrease your search engine position.

Next, as said earlier, it is not possible to say precisely whether the given backlink is good or bad? The only thing you can do is avoid them to stay safe.

Trust me, the types of backlinks discussed below will definitely don’t have any positive impact on your site. We strongly suggest avoiding them for good health of your site.

Hereby, in this article, I will tell you how to identify toxic backlinks and remove them for your website. Don’t worry, here we will not share the review of any paid SEO tools, which will do this work for you. This article does not include the details of any paid tools. But instead, this includes the list of bad backlinks that you should avoid. For example, you should avoid backlinks from Por*n websites.

So, What are we waiting for? Let us discuss the types of toxic backlinks below.

Avoid Sitewide Backlinks

The first type of bad backlink in the list is Sitewide Backlinks. This type of backlink is created when you add your blog URL to the header or footer of another website.

Since both the blogs are owned by you, you can easily add your blog URL to its header and footer.

But, this type of backlink will create a backlink per web page on another website. Hence, there will be thousands of backlinks from a single domain name.

Next, when it comes to Google and other search engines, they consider them as spam backlinks. Of course, no one will like thousands of links from a single domain name.

Hence, these kinds of links should be strongly avoided for better search engine ranking.

Don’t Create Backlinks On Spammy Website

Creating links on a spammy website is an easy task but it does not have any positive impact. Just imagine, Who will build links from a website consisting of lots of unethical links on it?

In simple words, a backlink from a web page consisting of lots of links in it is not a good option. For better understanding, please refer to the below snapshot.


In the above snapshot, you will find one web page consisting of tons of links in it. Sorry, but I can’t paste the entire web pages consisting of tons of links in it. If you want to check the entire page then you can check the same over here.

Backlink From Totally Unrelated Website

The next toxic backlink in the list is ‘Backlinks from the unrelated website’. In simple words, if your website is related to sports then there is no benefit in building backlink from any other niches say Health and Fitness. Backlinks will boost your website performance only if they are from high quality and related websites.

Backlinks From Unethical Websites

The next backlink in the list is linked from unethical websites like Gambling, Por*n, Casino, etc. Search Engines including Google don’t like such types of websites. These types of websites are usually blocked by the search engine using a Safe Search filter.

Next, these kinds of websites are also used for doing negative SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The professional SEO consultants will build such links for your website and thereby drop your ranking position in the search engines.

Ok. So these are various toxic links that one should avoid. Right?

But, a question arises. How to remove bad backlinks for your website. To get this answer, please read below.

Ways to Remove Bad Backlinks For Your Website

There are two ways to remove bad backlinks, which are discussed below in details

  1. Contact the webmaster. Ask him or her to remove the backlink, pointing back to your website or blog.
  2. Disavow the links and upload the file to Google and other search engines. Search Engines will ignore the disavow links while determining the ranking of your content. In simple words, the disavow tool will ask a search engine, not to considers these backlinks while ranking your content. Please, double-check disavows links before uploading it. A wrong file can destroy your site completely. For more information, please check out this article.

Wrapping Up

Above all are the various kinds of toxic bad links that you should avoid if you really want to build a highly professional and successful website or blog.

At last, feel free to contact us if you need any help to check whether the given backlink is good or bad and how to avoid or remove them.

Next, if you think we have missed any important information in this article then feel free to contact us through contact us page or share your queries in below comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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