Big B tweet about Vodafone Service and it became selling pitch for Reliance Jio

Big B tweet on vodafone

Big B seemed to be having trouble sending sms in Vodafone service.He tweeted about the same and got response from Vodafone’s representative that they are working on a fix.This tweet become selling pitch for reliance and reliance offered a Jio sim card to Big B. This tweet was made on 31st January 2017


Amitabh Vodafone
Amitabh Vodafone

This tweet got viral on twitter and Big B got very interesting comment on his tweets.Vodfone got completely pissed off by the tweets of followers.

Vodafone and Big B
Vodafone and Big B

Suprisely, other mobile service provider are not aware of this and they are out of the loops. Idea did not tweet any thing out its services but the followers did not stay behind in leg pulling the Idea.

Idea and Big B
Idea and Big B

Over all, it was a bad day for Vodafone and good day for Reliance Jio. Reliance’s Guy who post this tweet will really get outstanding this time.

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