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Post a YouTube Video directly on Facebook


Want to “Post a YouTube Video directly on Facebook?”, if yes then you are at the right place and this article is for you.

As far as online videos are consider, Facebook is not far behind from you tube now.Around 3 billion videos are viewed on Facebook each day.You should absolutely upload your videos to Facebook.Further, it will be not partically possible to upload the videos at both place.Instead, you will wish to share the videos directly on Facebook.But,only videos directly uploaded to Facebook will auto play in the news feeds.

Now there are four ways to share the you tube videos directly on Facebook.

  1. Download the videos from YouTube Channel and upload the same on your Facebook page. ( It is not partical and advisable)\
  2. Paste the URL link directly on Facebook wall.
  3. Share the video using YouTube’s embed option.
  • Select the video you want to share.
  • At the bottom of the YouTube video, click on ‘Share’ option.It will open the below dialogue box
Embed Youtube Video

Embed YouTube Video

  • Copy the link that you see there
  • Go to Facebook – to your profile or a page
  • Paste the link to share the video.

None of the above way will allow you to upload the video on facebook. It will simply share the link or video but will not auto play the same.

So, What now? Don’t worry, there is a way to import your you tube video directly in Facebook.Various tools are available to import the video in Facebook.

TubeBuddy, which is dedicated to helping you save time in completing the essential tasks required to grow your YouTube channel. Besides other features, TubeBuddy allow you to import you tube videos directly in Facebook.

But this feature is not available in free version. You need to upgrade your plan to use this feature.If you want to use this features before purchasing the same (trial version) then ‘Publer’ will be the best option for you.This feture is available in trail version of Pluber

pluber video sharing

pluber video sharing

Yes, using Pluber you can easily import your you tube video in Facebook. For more details please refer  below video tutorial.

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