5 Blogging Myths: Important To Start a Blog And Make Money From It

Blogging Myths Imaportant To Start a Blog And Make Money From It

When we talk about blogging, there are many myths floating around out there. These myths are so frighting that you can even drop the blogging plan also. Don’t Worry, our intention for writing this article is not to make you afraid of it but we aim to clear up those myths so that you can love ‘Blogging‘ as much as we do!

Here, by word ‘Myths‘, we mean false beliefs or ideas about the blogging. When you ask someone about starting a blog, he will give you lots of idea and advice. Some of these idea and advice are not correct. They are the simply a myths. We have covered those myths in this article. After reading it, you can easily differentiate between the blogging truth and myths.

So, What are we waiting for? Let us discuss the top 5 blogging myths below.

Blogging Myths

The top 5 myths about blogging are discussed below.

Blogging is not for everyone

It is said that Blogging is not for everyone, you must be a computer engineer or master in information technology to start it. This is simply a blogging myths.

For starting a blog, Computer Knowledge is must but at the intermediate level only. Expert level of knowledge is not required to start a blog.

If you don’t have the intermediate level of knowledge then you can hire a consultant for it. But it is not necessary to own a professional degree in a computer to start a blog.

Myths about Blogging
Myths about Blogging

Just do the Google it, there are many female bloggers, who don’t own any professional degree in Computer but still running a Succesful Food Blog.

Communication Skills

Communication skills is another myth for starting a blog. It is said that for blogging, you should be gifted with a command of the English language. This is also blogging myths.

Yes, this is simply a myth. It is possible to start a blogging website without knowing the English language. You can start the blog in your regional language like Gujarati, Hindi, German, Spanish etc.

If English is not your first language and you want to make money from online then check out this answer.

English is not my first Language, how can I earn money online
English is not my first Language, how can I earn money online

Capital Investment

Blogging is not free, you need a capital investment to start it. This is also a blogging myths. Yes, It is possible to start a blogging website at free of cost.There are many online platforms where you can create the blog with few clicks and without any investment.

For Example, On blogger, you can create the free blog instantly.

Primary Source of Income

Blogging is not for earning a livelihood. This is also blogging myths.

Until today, people are running a blog as a secondary source of income. But the things have changed now, people are now making handsome money out of their blog. They are a full-time blogger now.

Blogging a Primary Source of Income
Blogging a Primary Source of Income

Blogging is an easy job

It is also a blogging myths that ‘Blogging is an easy Job’. Creating a successful blogging website is as difficult as running a business. In fact, it is now a business only. There are many full-time bloggers earning a livelihood from it.

You can easily start the blog but when its come to make money from it, it becomes too difficult. Only 1% of the blog get successful.

Blogging is an easy job
Blogging is an easy job

Now your turn. If you knew any other blogging myths about blogging then feel free to share with us.You can share your feedback in the below comment box or contact us directly through contact us page.

Further, feel free to contact us if you face any problem related to blogging. We will be happy to help you.

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  1. Nearly 1 year to the day later, all good points here. Definitely myths; especially the blogging being easy one. Blogging gets easier and easier after you face some deep fears, those experiences being highly uncomfortable.

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