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55 Best Ways To Build Backlinks For Your New Website

    Ways To Build Backlinks For Your Website

    If you’re wondering, ‘How to build backlinks for a new website?‘ then you are at the right place. This article will share hundreds of ways to create backlinks free for a new website or blog.

    It’s a known fact, if you want to rank your website on the first page then you need to optimize it for various search engines. This optimization process is known as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

    Next, Search Engine Optimization is further divided into two parts. First, On Page and Second, Off Page techniques. ‘Backlink’ comes under the Off Page techniques. If your site has a good number of high-quality backlinks then it will definitely improve your search engine ranking.

    We know, it seems easier to build backlinks for your website. But the actual fact is different. It is easier said than done.

    Yes, it is very difficult to build backlinks for a website especially when it is new. Remember, No one will link back to your site if you don’t have any authority in the market.

    Assuming your website is new and you are struggling to build backlinks for your site, we have written this article to share hundreds of different ways to build backlinks.

    Ways to Build Backlinks

    After reading this article, we are sure you will be in a position to build backlinks for your site for free.

    Though this article is written with an assumption that your site is new, still this article will also helpful to others.

    You are not a beginner, no problem, you can still use below mentioned ways to build backlinks for your site.

    So, What are we waiting for? Let us discuss different ways to build organic backlinks for your website or blog.

    1. Create a profile account on high authority websites like SoundCloud, Microsoft, etc.
    2. Submit Guest Posts on other’s website.
    3. Get active on any forum and link back to your website while sharing any post on the forum.
    4. Build backlinks by commenting on other’s website.
    5. Submit your website or blog on free web directories.
    6. Share your site on various Social Media Networks
    7. Ask other bloggers to do a link exchange with you.
    8. Upload a video and post your website URL in its description.
    9. Submit your RSS feed to various RSS feed directories.
    10. Share your content on various discussion boards like Quora.
    11. Organize a blogging contest and get backlinks from the participating blogs.
    12. Similarly, join any blogging contest and get a backlink on winning the competition.
    13. Share your image to Image Upload Directories
    14. Share your content on Document Upload Directories
    15. Upload ebooks on Google Sites
    16. Link back to your site by mentioning your blog in the forum signature
    17. Make use of Blogging communities like Blog Adda etc. Submit your content on such blogging communities.
    18. Make Donation
    19. Contribute on Wikipedia page and add your site whenever a citation is required. We know it is difficult to get a backlink from Wikipedia, but not impossible. To know how to build backlink from Wikipedia page, please refer to this article.
    20. Make use of web 2.0 blog to build backlinks for your site.
    21. Use HARO ( Help a Reporter Out) and contribute to get a link back from high authority websites. HARO is the best place to get backlinks from high authority websites at free of cost.
    22. Report broken link to a webmaster and ask him or her to replace the broken link with your URL.
    23. Submit your Infographic to online publication like Mashable
    24. Spy on your competitors and follow their techniques to build backlinks
    25. Write Testimonials
    26. Make proper use of Internal Linking while writing an article
    27. Request any other blogger to link back to your site if you mention their services in your post.
    28. Go for Paid Backlinks.
    29. Create a mobile app and submit it on the Google App Play Store.
    30. Purchase expired domain name.
    31. Do SEO audit of your site and get a free backlink.
    32. Submit your site to product showcase. For example, if you are using WordPress then submit your site on WordPress showcase website list.
    33. Help any other blogger and ask him or her to link back to your site in return.
    34. Do press release
    35. Write any controversial post and get lots of backlinks
    36. Submit an article to Article Submission Directories
    37. Ask your friends to link back to your website.
    38. Link back to your site from another website. If you own two websites then you can link back to each other and get a free backlink.
    39. Get Interviewed by other bloggers or online entrepreneurs
    40. Share your problem and build backlinks. For example, if you are using WordPress then share your WordPress related problem on their official website and ask for help. Of course, you will link back to your site while asking for help.
    41. Submit your site to Feedburner.
    42. Build backlinks from Social Media Profile Page.
    43. Use Link Baiting Techniques
    44. Submit your site on various search engines.
    45. Create HTML Sitemap
    46. Create Free Tools. For example, you can create a free Backlink checker using API of Moz.
    47. Create site-wide backlink for your website
    48. Write content rich articles and others will automatically start linking back to your site.
    49. Start selling online on discount. Discount Coupon sharing websites will start linking back to your site.
    50. Contribute to Edu Websites or blogs.
    51. Contribute online by sharing your knowledge. For example, if you are master in excel then you can contribute your knowledge on Microsoft site and link back to your site while sharing on the site.
    52. Use Skyscraper Technique
    53. Prepare a video transcripts of the uploaded video online. In this video transcripts you can paste the URL of your blog.
    54. Published an Interview of an Influencers. This will force other to share your post and link back to your blog.
    55. Brand Linking. If any website has mentioned the name of your site then ask him or her to link back your site by converting the brand mention into link.


    1. If you don’t want to work hard and instead looking for the fastest and the easiest ways to gain some backlinks then you can give a try to powerful automatic backlinks generators. Online, there are many websites or tools or software that allows you to generate backlinks automatically. But, always remember, automatic backlinks generator are not good for SEO.
    2. Please refer below articles to get the list of best free backlinks checker tools.
      Five Best Free Backlink Checker Tools
    3. To know how to create backlinks step by step, please refer the below articles.
      How To Build Backlinks For The New Website

    Pro Tips To Build Wikipedia Backlinks

    We have already created a video tutorial to share how to build wikipedia backlinks for free and easily. Check out this tutorial below.

    How to Build a Backlink from Wikipedia Page

    Please click and wait to play the video


    Above all are the various different ways to build backlinks for your new website. If you face any problem in using any above-mentioned technique then feel free to contact us or share your problem in below comment box.

    Trust me, it is difficult to build backlinks especially for a new website but not impossible. Once you start writing content rich articles and gets few backlinks, both search engines and other bloggers or online entrepreneurs will start noticing you. And, then you will start getting backlinks automatically.

    At last, wish you all the best for building backlinks for your new website or blog.

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