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Why Are Gujarati So Good At Business: The Born Entrepreneur

Why Are Gujarati So Good At Business The Born Entrepreneur

Bharat Desai, Dhirubhai Ambani, Jamsetji Tata, Azim Premji, Habil Khorakiwala, Dilip Shanghvi, Gautam Adani, Sudhir Mehta and Pankaj Patel, What is common in these people? Yes, they all are great businessmen. But besides this similarity, What else is common in these people?

Do you know they all #Gujjus? Yes, these all people are Gujarati. There is no hidden fact that Gujarati are born entrepreneur. They have a high business sense as compared to others. It is also said that ‘Business means Gujarati‘.

But have you ever thought why are Gujaratis so good at business?

Being a Gujarati. I think I will be the best person to answer this question. The below article will give you an idea about it. Below, We have shared the top reasons for Why Gujurati are great businessmen?

Gujarati Entrepreneur

Do you know? In India, the top five richest Indians are Gujarati. Amadavadi Gautam Adani is now the World’s third richest Indian.

Gujarati are born entrepreneur

Gujarati are born entrepreneur

But why Gujarati are great entrepreneurs?  To know why, please refer to the below reasons.

Hard Working People

Gujarati are really hard working people. My Grand Father still at the age of retirement doing business. Unlike 9 to 9 job, Gujarati people love to work from early morning to late at night.

Do you know? No matter, how much a Gujarati guy is making from his full-time job, he will always do a part-time job for making some extra bucks in his free time. Almost every Gujarati run a side business after coming back from the job. In simple word, they do not prefer to sit ideally, instead, they work hard all the day and night.

Language Barrier

It is true that Gujaratis are not good in Communicating. They are known for being little weak in learning International Languages like English. The way they pronounce the English words are so funny that they feel hesitated in speaking in English.

Pronounce Gujarati Words funny

Pronounce Gujarati Words funny

Hence, the youth do not prefer to work in corporate culture and instead, they joined their family business.

Simplicity Is The Key To Success

Gujarati people believe in ‘Simple Living and High Thinking‘. No matter how rich they are, they always prefer to wear simple clothes and accessories.

Dhiru Bhai Ambani

Dhiru Bhai Ambani

In the above photo, you will find the three richest Indian named Dhirubhai Ambani, Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani. Just look at the picture, how simple they are? Aren’t they?

Thus, Gujarati people are good savers. They do not spend money on expensive items instead save money for the business.

Business Background

In Gujarat, almost every family has a hereditary business. Their dads and grandparents all have business backgrounds. Even if you go back to 2000 years you will find evidence of Gujarati doing business with the Mediterranean and Arab nations or Empires.

If I talk about my family and relatives then you then, except me, no one is doing a corporate job. My Father, Uncle, Maternal Uncle and Brother, all are running a small business in Gujarat.

Even I am also running an online business as a side business after coming back from office.

Gujarati from Business Background

Gujarati from Business Background

Being from a family business background, Gujarati kids are always surrounded by the entrepreneurs. Thus, it is very easy for them to learn business tactics. From Childhood itself, Gujrati Kids are taught how to manage money and run a business? 

No Work is Inferior

Yes for Gujarati there is no work which is inferior. They will get ready for doing any kind of work for money. For them, no work is inferior or superior.

Here it reminds me of a Bollywood movie made on Gujarati Businessman. Just check out its trailer below.

This trailer has everything that I want to share about. For Gujarati, every business is a good business.

Gujarati Are Risk Taker

Gujarati People are a real risk taker. Instead of saving money for the future they keep investing it in their business.

I have seen cases where Gujarati people don’t have money to live in but they invest lakhs of money in their business. Gujarati people are really mad for business.

If you check the Stock Market then you will find that the Stock Market is dominated by the Gujju community.

For Gujarati, any loss in the business is a learning curve. This makes them fearless risk takers.

Gujarati are real Risk Taker

Gujarati are real Risk Taker

Do you know? It is not only business where Gujarati people well know and famous. Besides Entrepreneurship, today Gujarati are there in almost every field. The below video will show you 31 well know and famous Gujaratis in India.

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  2. This is really a good article to learn about gujaratis and there tactics which they use while doing business.

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