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How to Choose the Best Online Web Hosting?

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting?

What is web hosting? It’s a business of providing storage space and access for websites.What does web host do? It run the website on internet. So, it is one of the most important key factor in running the website online.Proper care ought be taken while selecting the best online web hosting. A wrong hosting set up will ruin your website completely.

Just imagine, you ran a campaign on your website and suddenly your website get stop working. Of course, you’ll not like this. Here the role of selecting good web hosting come.If you had selected the right hosting plan then your website would not got the downtime. Good web hosting plan will allow you to keep the website up time,improve your SEO and thereby increase sales.Your hosting plan is the key to your success.Before moving forward, let us discussed the different kind of hosting plan first.

Types of Online Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

As name suggest it is a shared service. A common server will be shared by one or more website owners. This is the cheapest hosting service available in the market.

Reseller Web Hosting

As name suggest, it’s a hosting plan that give the rights to sell your bandwidth. You can further sales your bandwidth to some one else.

Cloud Based Web Hosting

It’s a new web hosting plan. In this web hosting plan, you data will be located virtually on the server. Here Individual server work together to make giant server.

Dedicated Web Hosting

As name suggest, user will get dedicate server for running the website.It is not necessary that you own the server.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

As name suggest, here you will have the private server for your website.In this hosting plan, you will have one private server which will act as a separate and multiple server.

Above all, we tried to list the all well know web hosting plans.Besides these, there are few more hosting plan available in the market like Colocation, self serviced etc.

If you are a beginner we will suggest you to start your website using website building software. We all know it is impossible to create a website without hosting, but you can simplify the choice of it by selecting one of the most popular website builders.

Select Best Website Builder Platform for your Website

But after reading this article, a question may arise in your mind, How to select the good web hosting plan? To select right plan, first you need to know your hosting needs and then investigate the plan based on parameter listed below.

Parameters for Online Website Hosting


No matter what type of web hosting plan you select. Price will be always an important factor while purchasing the plan. No one like to pay more than what it deserve.

As you know, there is no standard price for the web hosting plan. So, before purchasing the same do not forget to compare it. Also check the refund policy and renewal cost involved before purchasing the hosting plan.

Server Reliability

While purchasing the hosting plan we should kept the server reliability in mind.Your web hosting plan should be operating on strong and stable server that will keep your website live all the time. If your server is not 24×7 live, then there is no use of it.Further, make sure your server can take the burden of your traffic.


Technology is another important factor in purchasing the hosting plan. You must be aware about the technology used in your web hosting. Your provider should have good quality servers, designed to work together.Your web hosting must support at least PHP 5 to avoid any technical issues in the future.

Customer Support

You should prefer web hosting having 24×7 customer support. You should be able to contact them any time no matter what. Check whether their customer service is house in-built or out sourced to third-party.This needs to be consider before purchasing the hosting plan.

Personally, we prefer the service provider who has the house in-built customer service center and give 24×7 live support.

Customer Review

Do not buy any hosting plan by just comparing its features and price. Once you decide the service provider, review the customer feedback before making final decision.

Here you will really need to do your home work. Search on social media and customer review websites about your service provider. At least do the  google search  before purchasing the hosting plan.

New Features and Add-ons

Make sure your service provider give the access to control panel.We know all the person are not technology savvy. But control panel will help you to install various add ons at one click. It also give you the ability to install word press and other blogging website at one click.

Up gradation

Make sure your service provider allow you to room to grow. You should have the ability to upgrade your account. Do not go for the rigid plan, try to buy the flexible hosting plan.

Getting confused? Don’t know, How to select the best online web hosting plan? No Problem, we will help you. If you are going to start your first website then we suggest you to go with the website builder. But if you want to launch the website on your self hosted server then select shared hosting first and then move on to Virtual private server. Shared web hosting will be best small business solution for hosting.

Still Confused? Don’t know how to select the Web Hosting Provider? Don’t know any web hosting companies? Write to us we will try to help you in deciding the best web hosting provider.

You can share your comments,feedback,suggestion and queries at below comment box.

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