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Tata Tea is back with ‘Jaago Re’ ad campaign after a long time

Jaago Re ad campaign

Tata tea is back with its new promotional campaign called ‘Alarm Bajne Se Pehle Jaago Re‘. Jaago Re. initially launched in 2008 and this campaign is the second version of it. The version 2.0 is talking about the pre-activism, encouraging people to pre react before some ill happens. The ad is officially release on the website and will be soon available on the television.

In the earlier ad of the Tata Tea, it draw attention toward awakening the people. It focused on various topics like corruption,voting power,women empowerment etc. Last ad was launched in 2014 and its spoke about the Power of 49% (Voting power of Women of India making 49% of the electorate). Jaago Re is a metaphor for physical waking up and it was beautiful shown in the ads. Really those ads were amazing. The ads were truly representing the brand name. Please find below the well know ads of the Jaago Re campaign.

Jaago Re ad campaign in 2014

Politician ad

Badi Duty, Choti Duty

In its new campaign, it ask the people to pre react not react. It focus on the needs of pre activism. The ad start with a girl saying

  • The bridge is yet not fall
  • The rape is yet not made
  • The player had not lose the match yet.

Since these ill things is yet to be happen, there is no need to get awake. You still have the enough time to sleep. Then, at the end it asks viewers to take pre active actions before any unfortunate incident occurs.

Alarm Bajne Se Pehle Jaago Re

It is truly said we care for the thing that goes wrong but we alway wait the wrong things to be happened. Now, let its a time to proactive not reactive.

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