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Coca Cola Brotherly Love Commercial is Awesome

coca cola marketing campaign

You will love the recent marketing campaign for Coca Cola. It is really awesome. This time Coca Cola has concentrated on the Brotherly Love (love between two brothers) in its new advertisement.

The ad captures the unique relationship between brothers, a universal story of love and conflict. Ultimately the younger brother finds himself without his Coca-Cola. The older brother comes to his rescue and they enjoy a special moment together. It is the first desi ad released by the Coca Cola and it is released under ‘Taste the Feeling umbrella‘. The campaign is launched under the hashtag #TasteTheFeeling #BrotherlyLove. Lyric are awesome, you must watch the entire commercial.

Coca Cola Brotherly Love Desi Commercial

This ad is a redefined version of its original advertisement featured Internationally. You can say its a desi version of the ‘Brotherly Love’ commercial campaign. Hitting the Indian market with desi advertisement is commendable. Coca Cola soon understands the needs of desi version for its promotional campaign in India. You can check the International Version below

Coca Cola Brotherly Love International Commercial

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