#Nayi Soch: Gurdeep Singh & Daughters by Star Plus

Gurdeep Singh & Daughters by Star Plus

In its recent marketing campaign of Star Plus “Gurdeep Singh and Daughters” film starring Aamir Khan broken the biggest stereotype on the issue of feminist in India. This new ad brings a new thought alive with a simple but provoking idea.

In this campaign, Aamir Khan plays the role of Sikh Sweet Vendor. When a customer ask him that his sons did a great job, Aamir Khan Correct him saying ‘Daughter not Sons’.Then, the customer left the shop and camera zooms on the name of the shop “Gurdeep Singh & Daughters”. Then a narration comes, “Success does not differentiate between boy and girl, it is thinking that matters”.

Gurdeep Singh & Daughters by Star Plus

For the marketing point of view, this ad is commendable. This ads has focused on both, first, it talk about digital India and another it spread the awareness about the girl power. Star Plus launched this campaign with a hashtag #Nayi Soch.

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