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4 Tips To Convert Your Social Media Traffic To Sales

According to a recent study, online users are now spending an average of 2 hours per day on social networking and messaging platforms. Just imagine, it means an average user spends around 8% of its total time while surfing Social Networking sites.

Now, if you want to create a successful blog or online store, then you should learn how to leverage this huge potential? You simply can’t ignore social media sites anymore. You should know, how to convert social media traffic into revenue?

This article will share the top 4 tips to convert your social media traffic to sales.

Convert Social Media Traffic To Sales

Trust me, after implementing the below-mentioned tips, you will start getting sales order through your social followers.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing these tips below.

Social Media Marketing

If you’re under the assumption that you will share any product on your wall post and your social followers will purchase it then you are wrong. This is not possible. Your social followers will not purchase anything before they establish a level of trust with you.

It means that a consumer wants multiple levels of interactions with your brand first and once it established the level of trust, they will start purchasing your affiliated products.

In simple words, no one will purchase your affiliate products in the first instances only. First, you need to interact with your social followers and thereby gain their trust. Once they start trusting you, you can sell your products to them.

Next, this is the only reason why you are only getting likes on your post but no one is purchasing it. Trust me, using paid promotion directly will be the biggest mistake of your brand marketing.

Just imagine, will you purchase any product if you have never heard of them before? Of course, ‘No’.

The same logic applies here. You spend lots of money promoting your content on social networking sites. But, since your target audience is not aware of you, they will simply ignore your post.

So, What to do in this case? If the paid promotion does not work then what is the best strategy to promote and gets leads from social media networking sites?

The answer to this question is ‘Creating Sales Funnel for Social Media Sites‘.

Create A Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel is a marketing model that describes the journey of the potential customer towards purchasing goods and services.

In simple words, it will share the different steps involved in the consumer buying process before purchasing anything. For example, if a consumer wants to purchase anything then What all are the steps he will follow to before making the final purchase? These steps are discussed in this marketing model.

Sales Funnel In Marketing

Sales Funnel In Marketing (Image Source)

A customer will not purchase anything unless it goes through all these five steps. Hence, it becomes very important to interact with your social followers regularly. Only the regular interaction can help customer to get the required information and in return, you will get succeeded in building awareness and trust with your followers.

Your interaction will be the first step of Sales Funnel process. In simple words, through interaction, you are creating awareness among your followers. Once this awareness is created, you can use any paid or free tools to promote your content on social channels and thereby get leads from it.

Sharing Customer Reviews On Social Media

According to one survey, around 86% of the consumers read reviews for local businesses, especially restaurants and hotels. Hence, every time you share your reviews on social media channels, you increase the chance of getting new leads and sales.

We are already using this technique for online store ‘EmbroideryShristi’. We share our product reviews on social media on a regular interval. Customer Reviews will not only promote your product but also build trust and thereby attracts new leads and sales.

Sharing Customer Reviews on Social Media Channel

Sharing Customer Reviews on Social Media Channel

Trust me, whether it is a local business, blog or product, reviews and testimonial always work.

Ask Your Customers To Share The Photos Of Your Products

The next tip in the list is ‘Ask your customers to share the photos of your products’. Amazon is already doing this. It allows you to upload the photos of the final product.


Next, you can also share the photos of the final products on social media channels. EmbroideryShrisit is already doing this to promote their embroidery designs online.

Share photos of the final product photos on Social Media

Share photos of the final product photos on Social Media

The above design looks amazing. Right?

Exactly, by posting the above photo, the Embroideryshristi is promoting its digitizing service online. Anyone will get attracted after looking at such beautiful photos.

But, make sure you only share high-quality images on social media. This strategy will not work if the shared photos are not of high quality and resolutions.

Simplify the Checkout Process

The next tip involved in converting your social media traffic to sales is ‘Simplify Your Checkout Process’.

Make sure, you reduce the number of steps involved in buying the product. Your customers will get frustrated if you keep redirecting them on your site.

The buying process should be such that the social followers visiting your site can buy it immediately without any interference.

For Example, Whenever, EmbroideryShristi promote any free products online, they make sure the followers can purchase it directly without any interference.

Since free order does not involve any kind of information requirement, EmbroideryShristi allows their customer to directly purchase the product without any kind of registration and login.

Hence, their social followers can download the design within a click after visiting our online store.

Free Download Option to Download Embroidery Design without Registration

Free Download Option to Download Embroidery Design without Registration

You should use the same technique if you want to increase sales from social media channels. Make sure, they can purchase the product immediately after visiting your site.

Wrapping Up

Above all are the various tips and techniques to convert your social media traffic into sales. We strongly recommend implementing these tips to increase the sales of your business.

Do you know? Social Traffic, if used properly can help you to build a multi-millionaire business. Your social followers will be a great tool to drive traffic to your blog or generate leads for your business.

This is the only reason, Why the big brands fight for the number of social followers? They know, the importance of Social Media in any business.

Trust me, today, Social Media Networking Site plays a major role in the success of any business. If you want to get success then you need to consider it seriously. Please, do not ignore social media sites.

Next, if you think we have missed out any important points in the above article then please let us know. We will be happy to include your suggestion in our article.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding any of the above lines.

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