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A Guide To Product Packaging Marketing

A Guide To Product Packaging Marketing

Do not judge a book by its cover. I am sure you may hear this idiom many times. According to this idiom, ‘you shouldn’t assume the worth or value of something, by its looks alone’.

This idiom is true when it comes to a books store. But, it is not applicable when you are purchasing anything from the market. Yes, this idiom is not applicable to the consumer mind. In the market, Product Packaging plays a major role in consumer decisions.

The below-mentioned statistics will make this statement more clear.

According to one study, “7 in 10 Consumers Agree Product Packaging Can Influence Purchasing Decisions.”

Next, Do you know? Product Packaging communicates many important things like Brand Name, Ingredients, Manufacturing address, Expiry date, etc. Companies are legally bound for showing many of this information. For example, In India, the tobacco products have to carry a pictorial warning on 85% of packaging space. It means, the company has only 15% of the packaging space for other information.

In this 15%, the company needs to decide what all information has to be shown and how?

Next, product packaging also differs from product to product. You can’t use the same type of packaging for all products.

Product Packaging Marketing

In simple words, product packaging plays an important role when it comes to selling the product in the market.

Hereby, in this article, we will discuss the product packaging and its effect on consumer perfections. Trust me, this article will be a complete guide on product packaging marketing.

But, before starting with the product packaging marketing guide, let us first have a look over some beautiful and creative examples of product packaging available in the market.

Effective Product Packaging

A product designing is said to be effective if it finally draws the attention of the consumer to buy it. Below are the various elements which will make your product packaging effective.

  1. It should be such that it makes the Company and Brand Name clear.
  2. It should awake the emotions of the Consumers.
  3. It should keep the product safe and healthy.
  4. At last, it should provide clear and concise information about the brand and product.

If your packaging is satisfying all above-mentioned elements then you can call it as effective product designing.

Next, let’s have a look at a few best examples of product designing below.

Product Packaging Examples

Below is the list of some real brand names (along with the reason) having the best packaging for its product.

Gold Flake cigarette by ITC Limited

Gold Flake cigarette by ITC Limited

Gold Flake cigarette by ITC Limited

Reason: Cigarette companies are eligible to use only 15% of its space to design it. The rest 85% of the space is being reserved for the ‘Warning’, as per the government notification.

Of course, any cigarette brand will get fit in this category. The above example is not limited to ITC limited only.

Mobile SIM Card by Vodafone

Size of SIM Card by Vodafone

Size of SIM Card by Vodafone

Reason: Now, no need to worry for nano or micro SIM card. The SIM cards are packed in such a way that you can convert the same card as per your requirement.

Honey From Klein Constantia Farm

Honey Packaging for Klein Constantia Farm

Honey Packaging for Klein Constantia Farm Image Source

Reason: Attractive and Amazing packaging, showcasing the product in the best way. The packaging is totally related to its product in it.

Above all are the few examples of effective product packaging. There are many such other examples but currently, it is not possible to list down all of them in this article.

So, let us move forward with the product packaging marketing.

Importance of Product Packaging

Next, a question may arise. What is the advantage of product packaging? Is it only the marketing for which the good packaging is required? If no then what all are the reasons for the importance of product packaging?

If you are looking for the same answer then I request you to please read out the below article completely.

To Differentiate From Other Brands

This is the first and most important reason why packaging is important. Just imagine. If all the products are packaged and labeled equally then how will you differentiate it? How will you come to know, the brand and company name of the product?

Next, there are thousands of brand trying to get customer attention. To get succeeded in this, it is very important that your product packaging should be such that it stands out and differentiate itself from the others.

Keep Product Safe or Healthy

Another reason for proper product packaging is ‘to keep it safe or healthy’. Yes, based on the nature of the product, the packaging will get differ. If the product is in liquid form then it can’t be packed in a plastic wrapper. Next, a perishable product needs to be packaged properly to increase its life span and keep it healthy.

Should Be Related To Product Packed In It

The next reason in the list is ‘It should be related to product packed in it’. This is the only reason why organic vegetables are always packed in a green color wrapper or container.

You can refer to this article for more information on the importance of colors in branding and marketing.

Types Of Packaging In Marketing

Next, do you know? In the market, there are three kinds of product packaging? These are 1) Primary Packaging 2) Secondary Packaging and 3) Tertiary Packaging.

The types of packaging in marketing are discussed below in detail.

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is the packaging which is in the direct contact of the product. The primary purpose of this packaging is to contain, protect or hold the product.

For example, The bottle or Can is the primary packaging of the Beer Bottel.

Secondary Packaging

The secondary packaging is packaging for logistics and branding purpose. This packaging includes various kind of information like Brand Name, Company Name, and Address, etc.

For Example, for beer bottles, the crates used for carrying the bottle will be a secondary packaging. Similarly, in the case of cookies and chips, the outer layer of plastic packaging will be the secondary packaging.

Tertiary Packaging

The third and last type of packaging is Tertiary Packaging. This generally includes the packaging in the corrugated boxes. Tertiary packaging is done for easy transportation purpose.

Wrapping Up

Product Packaging is very important when it comes to selling product in the market.  In fact, you need to plan properly the product packaging strategy if you want to create a successful brand in the market.

At last, feel free to ask if you did not get anything in the above article. Further, if you think we have missed out any important information in the article then please let us know the same. We will be happy to edit our article and include your suggestions.

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