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14 Online Digital Goods That You Can Sell Online And Make Money

Online Virtual Goods That You Can Sell Online And Make Money

If someone asks you, Which are the Digital Goods that you can sell online? then obviously, you’ll say eBooks, Images, Music, and Videos. But, Do You Know? Besides these, they are many other digital goods examples also? If you’re looking for a list of digital products to sell online then this article is just for you. Here, In this article, we’ll share the list of digital goods that you can sell online and make money from them.

But before starting with the article, let us understand the meaning of Digital and Virtual Goods first.

Virtual Goods are goods that are not physically available but virtually present. You can not touch or smell such kinds of goods.

Whereas, Digital Goods are those goods that stored, delivered, and used in their electronic format.

Please Note:

  1. In this article, Digital Goods and Virtual Goods are used Interchangeable. We are discussing both Digital and Virtual Goods in this article.
  2. Though eBooks, Images, Music, and Videos are Digital Goods, we will not discuss them here in this article. They are very common and you will find the same easy on the internet.

The market for Digital Goods is more than your expectation. Last year, it reaches a market of $15 billion. With the increase in the use of the Internet, the demand for such goods has increased now.

If you want to know the advantage of selling digital goods over physical goods then check out this article.

Digital Goods to Sell Online

If you’re planning to sell digital goods online then this list is just for you. Below, we have mentioned out the unique and creative digital goods for selling online. 

#1. Machine Embroidery Designs

You can make money by selling Machine Embroidery Design online. All you need is Embroidery Digitizing Software and Website to digitize and sell it online.

EmbroideryShristi is one such website selling Embroidery Designs online.

Machine Embroidery Design Sell Online

Machine Embroidery Design Sell Online

#2. Patterns for Your Doll

Doll Patterns is another unique and creative way to make money online. As per one study, Last year, in the USA, the sales of toy dolls were 3.2 billion US dollars.

Pixie Faire is one such website selling patterns for dolls.

Pattern for Dolls

Pattern for Dolls

#3. Summary of the Books

Today, people are so busy enough that they even can’t get the time for reading books. You can start your own website selling a summary of the entire book in 4 to 5 pages.   This summary will be in the PDF format or you can also record the same in an audio format also.

In layman’s language, here we are talking about selling a mini version of the books. Of Course, we need to ensure proper legal compliance for selling such kinds of mini books.

Blinkist is one such website selling Summary of the Books.

Book Summary Website

Book Summary Website

#4. CheatCodes

CheatCodes is another unique and creative way to make money online. You can sell Cheatcodes, Tips, Guidance, Power, and Hints for all types of Games.

CheatCodes is one of such websites selling Cheat Codes online.

CheatCodes for Games

CheatCodes for Games

#5. DIY Craft Tutorials

If you’re a craft lover then you can make money by sharing the Do-it-Yourself tutorial on Craft. You can easily sell this kind of tutorial in PDF/Video files.

VideoJug offers tons and tons of videos on DIY Craft Tutorials.

Do-it-Yourself Tutorials

Do-it-Yourself Tutorials

#6. Selling Online Cliparts

We know at a board level, selling clip arts are the same as selling Images. But, the main reason for listing it here is these Cliparts are made using Powerpoint. Yes, you can make money by selling Cliparts made from Powerpoint.

EmbroideryShristi is selling such kinds of cliparts online.

Sell PowerPoint Clip arts

Sell PowerPoint Clip arts

#7. Aminated Editable Intros for Videos

You can also make money by selling Intros online. These intros are in an editable format and the person purchasing it can edit it as per his/her requirement.

These Intros are generally used before the start of Video Tutorials.

People will like to purchase these intros if they can be edited easily as per their requirements. Of Course, you will share the source file with the customers. The Video file is of no use for them because they can’t edit them as per their needs and requirements.

#8. Tutorial on using Softwares

You can also sell tutorials on using particular software online. For Example, Tutorials on using AutoCAD, Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing, etc.

You can record the steps by steps tutorial in a PDF file and sell those files online.

SourceAd is an example of such a website selling tutorials on software called AutoCAD.

Tutorial on AutoCAD

Tutorial on AutoCAD

#9. Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes are a great way to add extra little details to your next project. You can sell these kinds of brushes online.

Brusheezy is one such kind of website selling Photoshop Brushes.



#10. Sell Gift Cards

You can start a website for selling unused or partially used Gift Cards online.  Here, you will sell an e-gifts card so that the seller does not have to take the trouble of shipping his physical gift card to the buyer.

Woohoo is one such website.

Buy or Sell Gift Cards Online

Buy or Sell Gift Cards Online

#11. Sell Excel Macros/Add-Ins

If you are master of Microsoft Excel then you can sell your recorded Macro Files or Add-Ins online. All you need is a simple website with the capabilities of selling Digital Goods online.

Jon Peltier is one such website selling Excel Add-Ins. Of course, you can sell the recorded Macro or Add-Ins for any application program of Microsoft say PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.

Micro Soft Excel Add Ins Sell Online

Micro Soft Excel Add-Ins Sell Online

#12. Printables

Another unique way to make money online is selling Printables online. Using Microsoft Publishers you can design beautiful printables and sell them online at your store.

Greeting Island is an example of such a website.

Microsoft Publisher Printable

Microsoft Publisher Printable

#13. Digital Currency

It is a little bit complicated but it is also possible to make money by buying and selling Digital Currency online. BitCoin is the best example of this kind of Digital Goods.

BitCoin Currency Online

BitCoin Currency Online

You can either start your own currency or a website for buying or selling these kinds of currencies online.

#14. Online Services

Last but the most important. You can also sell your services online. For Example, you can start a website selling your services like Book Keeping, Legal, etc. online. This option work best for the people who own any Professional Degree or they are masters in any particular subject.

Of Course, it will be a freelancer type of website only. But here, you will own the website so this website will work for you only.

Lawrato and Practo is an example of such websites.

Online Doctor Selling Service

Online Doctor Selling Service

Now, your turn. If you knew any other kind of  digital goods that you can sell online and make money from it then please do share with us. Further, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in start selling any of the above mentioned Digital Goods.

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