How to Increase Google AdSense CPC Rate Up To 50$ Per Click

Learn to Increase the Google AdSense Earnings by using High CPC Keywords in the Blog Post.

How to increase the adsense CPC
How to increase the adsense CPC

If you’re looking for the way to increase Google AdSense revenue then this post is for you. Here, we will share the easiest and the freeway to increase Google AdSense income through high CPC ( Cost Per Click) rate up 50$ per click.

If you’re a blogger then Google AdSense will be the primary source of income for you. In such case, its become very important to make enough money from AdSense legitimately. There are two ways to increase the Google AdSense Income. First, Increase in blog traffic and Second, Increase in CPC ( Cost Per Click) rate of AdSense.

Here, in this article, we will discuss Increasing the CPC rate up to 50$ per click. Of course, this secret trick is free and easy to use.

Google AdSense CPC Rate up to 50$

If you’re looking for a way to increase the CPC rate then this little secret is for you. This secret will increase your CPC rate up to 50$. This secret is known as ‘High CPC Keywords‘.

By using High CPC keywords, you can increase the AdSense’s CPC rate and thereby the earnings from it.

Google AdSense Will Take Care Of Your Ads Through Auto Ads
Google AdSense Will Take Care Of Your Ads Through Auto Ads

If you’re a beginner and worried about How to find High CPC Keywords? then don’t worry, below, we have shared the easiest way to find the high CPC keywords for your blog post. Just follow this technique to find High CPC Keywords and thereby increase your earnings from AdSense.

High CPC Keywords

There are many techniques and websites to find high CPC keywords. But if you are beginner then  Keyword Spy is the best website for you. It is also available at free of cost. Just follow the steps mentioned below to find high CPC Keywords at Keyword Spy website.

    • Visit Keyword Spy website
    • Select ‘keywords’ from the option available.
    • Next, type the keyword and select your country from the list available.

    SpyKeywords High CPC Keywords for Blog
    SpyKeywords High CPC Keywords for Blog
  • Click on ‘Search‘ button to find the high CPC keywords.
  • That’s its. Next, you will find the high CPC Keywords along with the Search Volume.
High CPC Keywords for Google AdSense
High CPC Keywords for Google AdSense

Now, from the above list, use the keywords with high CPC rate and the Search Volume. Next, wait for few days to allow Google to index your website. Once it indexed the high CPC keywords, it will start showing high CPC ads on your blog.

Then, when the users will click on the ads and you will make more money from Google AdSense.

Of course, there are many other ways to find high CPC rates like SMerush, Google Instant etc but this is the easiest and the best freeway for the beginner.

We can understand for the beginner what is the value of Money and if you find them at a free of cost then why you should spend money on it? So, this is the best technique for finding high CPC keywords for your blog post.

You will find the video tutorial on ‘How to find high CPC Keywords?’ below

Now your turn. If you knowns any other ways to find the high CPC keywords and Increase Google AdSense earnings then please share with others. Further, feel free to contact us if you find any difficulty in using the above method. We will be happy to help you.

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