Choose Your Future Election Campaign By European Parliament

Choose Your Future Election Campaign By European Parliament

I am sure, you have never seen such a great TV commercial like this before. In fact, you can’t name the product without watching the advertisement completely.

Yes, this advertisement is so unique and creative that you can’t ignore it. But, before starting with the description, let us first have a look over the TV commercial below.

Choose Your Future- European Elections 23-26 May is a TV commercial designed by European Parliament, creative agency & Co., and Frederic Planchon. This TV commercial was designed to encourage people to vote in the election.

The advertisement starts with a voice-over saying, Today, I’m born. Next, a series of clips are showing starting from the last hours of pregnancies, going to labor and finally the actual birth.

Really, this advertisement is so creative and unique that you can’t ignore it. Till date, more than 20 millions of people have watched this advertisement on youtube.

European Parliament has also created a website named thistimeiamvoting to encourage people to vote in the upcoming election on 23-26 May 2019.

For marketing point of views, this advertisement is unique and till date, no one has created such a beautiful and to promote voting rights.

At last, you will be also interested in watching the marketing campaign launched by Election Commission Of India in India to encourage Indians to vote in the upcoming election to be held in April and May 2019. You can check out this advertisement below. This campaign was launched with a titled named ‘Take Responsibility, Cast your Vote‘ and hashtags #LokSabhaElection2019 #GoVote #DeshKaMahaTyohar

Like the European Parliament, the Election Commission of India has also launched a website named ‘National Voter Help Service Portal‘ to help Indian Voters.

Now, you turn. Don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts with us in below comment box. Please let us know the best way to encourage people to cast their votes. What do you think? Please share below.

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