Try Not To Hear These Print Ads: Coca Cola Campaign

I know you may be wondering? What foolish thing I am asking? How can one hear the print advertisement?

You’re right. But, in the latest marketing campaign, the Coca Cola invites viewers to “hear” the image of an ad in their heads.

You will find these prints ads below.

Coca Latest marketing Campaign
Coca Latest marketing Campaign
Coca Try Not To Hear This Print Ad
Coca Cola Try not to hear this advertisement
Coca Cola Try not to hear this advertisement

This new ad campaign is designed by David Miami for the European Market. Currently, this advertisement is running over multiple markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Through this print advertisement, the Coca Cola company is trying to activate the sensorial memory of the customer by saying not to hear this.

This is for the first time, any company has come with such type of advertising that activate sensation in the customers.

And, yes this is true. I am sure, even you can’t stop yourself from hearing the sound of an opening coke bottle or poring coke in the glass in your head.

This is what, the Coca Cola company wants. The headline “TRY NOT TO HEAR THIS”, challenging viewers to avoid playing the sounds in their heads, but at the same time taunting them to do so.

Hence, the advertisement finished directly in the consumer mind.

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