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5 Essential Things To Create A Successful Online Store

5 Essential Things To Create A Successful Online Store

If you’re running an Online Store or planning to start it, then this article is just for you. Here, we will share the five essential things to create a successful Online Store.

Always remember, Online Shop is not just a beautiful website with lots of visual images. But it is more than that. It also includes other things like Customer Service, Flexibility etc.

Below, we have shared the learning from our mistakes at the ‘EmbroideryShristi‘ website.

So, you’re ready to take your online business to the next level and make it more profitable. Great! Just follows the below-mentioned things for creating a successful online store.

Create A Successful Online Store

If you’re thinking that your online store will get successful automatically then you’re wrong. An online store with best products and services does not mean success. For creating a successful store, you may require other components also. These components are discussed below.

Start an Sucessful Online Store

Start a Successful Online Store

Proper Research

Ensure you do the proper research before starting the online store. For creating a successful store, A to Z information should be available to you. If it is not possible to collect the information than ensure that at least critical information is available to you.

Proper Research for Starting Successful Store

Proper Research for Starting Successful Store

At EmbroideryShristi, initially, no one was purchasing the design from the website. After doing research we found that our design was available in the EMB format only and it was too big for the Home Embroidery Machine.

Later, we started providing the design in 11 well-known formats and in the standard hoop size of 4×4,5×7 and 8×14.

Of course, this study should be done before launching the website. But we missed it. So it is very important that you collect the critical information before the launch of your online store.

Multi-Culturalism and Cross-Culture Business Communication

In this internet era, online business has expanded to cross-cultural and geographic boundaries. Now, your store can be accessed by the customer across the globe. So, it is also very important to provide customer service that meets the needs of a multicultural customer base.

Further, you also need to take care of the language used in the communication. This is because the same word has a different meaning in the different locality.

For example, Skoda Laura is a famous brand for Car but in India, it is something else. In India, Laura means pen*s (Male genital organ). This is the only reason why Skoda has removed the Laura sedan from its official Indian website.

Skoda Laura

Skoda Laura

We also faced the same problem at EmbroideryShristi Store. Japanese were not visiting our store because we are selling Swastika on our website.

In Japan, Swastika has an evil association with Nazism.Whereas in India, Swastika is a religious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Hindu Sign Swastika Embroidery Design

Hindu Sign Swastika Embroidery Design

Initially, we were not aware of this fact but later when we came across this, we had released a clarification to resolve it.

So, it is very important that we understand the different culture before starting an online store.


Lower Prices does not mean a successful store. For creating a successful store, there should be a perfect pricing strategy. If you sell your product or service at a lower price then it will create a lot of problems for you. To know how please read the below article

Why does lower price not work always in the business?

Low Price Strategy

Low Price Strategy

At EmbroideryShristi, in the initial period, we also made the same mistake. Our Prices were cheaper than other stores and this results in low-quality perception for our designs.

Customer Reviews

Customer Review is another important component of the successful online store. It gives the confidence to your visitor visiting your website.

Customer Reviews from Real Customers Online Store

Customer Reviews from Real Customers Online Store

At EmbroideryShristi, we started collecting reviews from our real customers. We also started sharing this reviews on Social Media Networks like Facebook and Twitter etc.

Collecting Reviews on Prestashop Store

Collecting Reviews on Prestashop Store


When you start an online store, you don’t know the ‘What are the exact needs of your store?’ Slowly and Gradually, you will start learning about it and you start making changes to your store. In this case, your store should be flexible enough to accommodate changes made to it.

Flexibilty to Start Shopping Online Store

Flexibility to Start Shopping Online Store

For EmbroideryShristi, we had selected Prestashop to start it. Prestashop is one of the top free open source software available to start shopping cart or website. It is very easy to install the module in the Prestashop. Further, If you’re not the programmer type you’ll easily find one to do whatever you need to be done for you.

Never start an online store on a platform which has limited features and no scope for making changes. Who knows in future you may require something but it will be not available on your selected platform?

In this case, to implement the changes, you may require changing the entire platform at all. So, select you should select the platform which provides enough flexibility to adopt any changes easily.

So, if you follow above tips then there are the high chances that your online store get successful. Mere starting the store will not work. You should consider the all above essential components.

Now your turn. If we missed out any essential components then please do share with us. You can share your message or feedback in the below comment box.

Further feel free to contact us if you face any difficulty in starting the online store.

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