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5 Essential Tips To Be a Successful Marketing Manager


Whether you’ve been in the marketing field for a decade, or only just stepped into the fast-paced world of advertising and branding, then there’s a good chance you’ve already experienced a little shock at how much it has changed over the past year or two. 

There is a constant and sometimes monumental shift in marketing on an annual basis when new applications and social networks arrive and new types of media become commonplace and much more — and so, as a marketing manager looking for success, you have a lot of learning to do when it comes to understanding how to adapt quickly. 

In our article below, we have five essential tips for being a successful marketing manager and how best to achieve your company’s goals. 

1. Versatility and Adaptability Are Your New Watch Words

Off the top, one of our most important tips is embracing versatility and change. 

As we are sure you have already noticed, technology and the media can now change in the blink of an eye, with entire avenues for marketing being upended without a moment’s notice. 

This noted, it’s crucial to be as adaptable and prepared for change as possible. 

To assist you with this, it is a good idea to have multiple plans in place when it comes to advertising and marketing and work to follow each one at the correct stage. For long-term marketing processes that extend into the months or years, be prepared for the change that could possibly upend the entire marketing plan. 

Always be on the lookout for publications and media releases from mega-corporations that could change how you work, and be ready to implement new processes that work with these changes at the last minute. 

2. Recognize That Content is Key

A second important tip is to understand that branding, content and marketing all must go hand in hand. 

This means that all interactions with your business (or the company you’re working for) need to have a similar look, feel and outcome for those potential customers reading into these different types of media you’re putting out. 

That in mind, make sure that your marketing team understands and works towards one single, cohesive and clear goal for their marketing activities. You want to create a look and feel for your brand that isn’t complicated or confusing, but rather immediately recognisable by consumers. 

3. Be Aware of Your Leadership Requirements

As a marketing manager, leadership skills must take centre stage. 

In a field where uncertainty is common and the worry of a campaign not working out correctly is always at the back of everyone’s mind, it’s time for you to take the reins. 

Whether it be by undertaking a marketing skill-building degree through Monarch Institute or by self-assessing your ability to lead, you must have an appearance and a demeanor that enables your team to rely on you having faith in their ability to perform. 

A positive outlook and optimistic view of campaigns and workflows is imperative and you will need to lead the pack in thinking this way. 

4. Recognise the Importance of Digital Media

In the digital first age, it’s important to be aware of how important things such as SEO, SEM, video marketing, analytics and PPC are — or at least let your team know that their focus on all things digital is appreciated. 

It’s imperative to focus on what works best for your brand, however, and that means analysis of past failures and success is important too. 

Work to encourage staff to follow through with media that excels in achieving goals, but also be sure that what isn’t working is removed from the equation before it becomes too costly.

Not all businesses work in the same way, and so some of the digital first processes may not work for you. That in mind, be smart about which types of campaigns and media you implement, even if the competitors are doing it.

5. Take a Look at Overall Performance

Our final tip here is to take a step back and look at how the brand is performing as a whole. 

It might be worth your while to undertake some rival analysis workflows here as well, to ensure you’re not too far behind the pack. If you are, work to understand what you’re lacking and move to implement changes that essentially mimic your rival’s campaigns in a more effective way. 

You can make use of tools and software here such as SEMrush to help you out from the digital side of things. 

Over To You

To end, an overall look at how things are doing is essential to making sure you can see what is going on as a whole — rather than on a task by task basis.

At last, feel free to contact us or ask your query in the below comment box if you need any help in understanding the above article or being a successful marketing manager in your industry.

We will be very happy to help you.

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