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Explore The Amazing Advantages Once SEO & PPC Start Working Hand In Hand

PPC (Pay per Click) and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

Some of you consider PPC and SEO as two distinct stratagems with no interconnection. Even though they are two separate marketing channels and they do differ in numerous ways from one another, they are in reality, two sides of a coin. Hence, PPC and SEO endeavors complement each other in numerous ways and help you achieve an effective and successful search stratagem. Let us explore various ways that make PPC and SEO integration strategy much superior as compared to SEO or PPC individually.

We know that the e-commerce world is dynamic and vibrant. A digital marketing stratagem that was working fine for a month may fail in the next month itself. Therefore, it becomes pretty challenging for start-ups and small businesses to chalk out an effective strategy to cater to the unique requirements and demands of the customers.

PPC And SEO Goes Hand In Hand

Digital marketing gets a holistic approach thanks to the amalgamation of Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization. Some of the key components involved are the following: 

#1. On-page Optimization – Include content keywords and metadata for allowing search engines to go ahead and scan a website so that it could be classified as relevant. Several other critical factors would be contributing to the overall SEO value.

#2. External Links – Backlinks from a variety of sources are incorporated into your website for adding relevance in a precise niche.

#3. PPC (Pay per Click) – This seems to be an effective strategy for companies for paying on a host of platforms, including Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn to return traffic specifically to their site’s corresponding landing pages.

While PPC marketing could generate instantaneous outcomes, you must have the willingness to spend a certain amount of money. However, PPC would help you in dominating the highest paid search results. On the other hand, search engine optimization could be delivering a robust and impressive return over time. It takes some time for doing it correctly since you do not wish to jeopardize your website and expose it to any penalty risks by taking certain shortcuts.

As per, if you are still in two minds whether to choose SEO or PPC for your startup or small business, you must realize that a combination of both these marketing techniques would work wonders for your business even though the final integration strategy would boil down to your goals and availability of adequate budget. 

By including PPC and SEO, you could avail numerous advantages such as a boost in organic traffic, advertising savings, increased paid clicks, and reasonably higher profits. Let us explore some of the amazing advantages of coordinating PPC and SEO tactics. 

Impact on Visibility

It is pretty obvious that by integrating two robust marketing channels such as PPC and SEO, your endeavors would culminate in more exposure and visibility on the SERPs. More often than not, clients start thinking in terms of reducing their PPC efforts when they find that a search term is ranking number one. You must, however, remember that the first two or maybe three top results are supposed to be PPC ads. Once you dominate both the paid and organic search results, you could drive more traffic to your website. You could create an image for your brand and everyone would be compelled to regard you as an authority in a specific market or business. You would successfully establish a niche for yourself in your industry or trade.

Keyword Data Sharing

Running both PPC and organic campaigns would assure double data for analysis. You need to consider determining precisely which PPC and organic keywords are having the highest rate of conversion and accordingly you could utilize that information for optimizing your overall strategy. Get in touch with experts at for successful PPC and Google ad campaigns.

Impact of Top Performing Advertising Copy on Organic Content Strategy

You must have realized by now that what works for PPC would in most cases be quite effective for SEO. By identifying precisely which PPC ads get the maximum conversions, you could get a brilliant idea regarding ways to come up with Meta descriptions, title tags, and even page content for all those pages where you wish to rank organically. The major advantage of utilizing PPC ads for examining page attributes is the generation of instantaneous results. You would lose no time in knowing and understanding what would work for you and what would be a futile exercise for you. Moreover, organically testing Metas and titles could prove to be time-consuming.

Integration of E-Commerce Feeds Seamlessly into AdWords Results

Google seems to be doing some brilliant stuff in terms of e-commerce. You could now consider linking precise product pages directly to PPC ads. In such a case, the advertisement would be featuring the product and often be accompanied by reviews. It would transport the user straight away to the precise product page where you could make a purchase. This certainly is a fabulous way of boosting your current e-commerce efforts.

Fight Negative PR

Sometimes, somebody may spread a rumor or say something negative regarding your organization. It is nothing new and may ruin your brand’s reputation. You should at once utilize combined SEO and PPC efforts as that could prove to be a wonderfully effective damage control measure. The underlying principle is somewhat similar to the visibility point discussed above. You could successfully guide and dominate the conversation if you are controlling the PPC and SEO results for a specific term.

 Social Media Visibility

The social media circuit seems to be revolutionizing. A major change in this respect is the emergence of relevant and well-targeted advertising opportunities. Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and even YouTube could be coming up with ads that are targeted to extraordinarily precise groups of people. The data collected from these campaigns could help discover granular details regarding your target audience. Hence, it makes it easier for you to refine and polish your overall SEO stratagem. 


Customers and clients are not pleased with businesses that are lacking in a highly-developed and powerful web presence. However, in the absence of advanced PPC and SEO strategies, even an amazing website cannot be discovered by potential customers. Organizations that successfully employ advanced SEO and PPC campaigns are in a better position to grab the attention of new business and at the same time establish consumer trust and boost brand awareness.

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