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How to Find Long Tail Keywords using Google AdWords?

keyword planner of google adwords

Keywords often play an important role in the success of any website. A website or blog without proper use of keywords will not will get more search engine traffic.Keywords are essential for proper SEO.Further, here Keywords means Long tail Keywords. Long tails Keywords are more effective than Short tail Keywords.

In the layman language, Keywords research means finding the keywords with more estimated traffic per month. In the market, many SEO consultants claim to give such keyword suggestion at a very nominal price. But now there is no need of spending money on this. You can get this long tail Keywords using Google AdWords. Here, in this article we will suggest you how to get Long tail KeyWords using Keyword Planner tool?

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free AdWords tool which gives you estimated traffic per month for the mentioned Keywords.By using this free tools you will able to find the keywords attracting more search engine traffic. Actually this tool is designed for the advertiser but there is no harm in using the same for finding the profitable keywords for your content. Follow the below steps to find Long Tail Keywords using free tool of Google AdWords.

  • Login to your Adwords Account
  • Select Keywords Planner tool from Tools Menu as shown below
KeyWord Planner Tools

KeyWord Planner Tools

  • Next, you will find the screen as shown below
KeyWord Planner

KeyWord Planner

  • Fill the necessary details and click on Get ideas button
  • Next, you will get the keywords suggestion with Suggested Bid
Keywords Suggestion using keywords planner

Keywords Suggestion using keywords planner

Now you use this keywords and enrich your content to get more search engine traffic and there by earning more revenue.

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