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How to Make Money on YouTube?

How to Make Money on YouTube?

If you own some good videos and thinking of making money online then we advise sharing your videos on YouTube. It will pay you for the advertisements which appear in your videos.

Of course, making money with YouTube takes some time and effort, but those efforts can pay off with big money. You may be surprised to know that you can earn thousands of dollars through your videos. All you need to do is – Record your activity or skills and share it online. It is the easiest way of making money online from home. Here in this tutorial, we will show you how to monetize your uploaded videos and start earning online.

Make Money on YouTube

For making money out of YouTube, you will need to set up an AdSense account for the payments. It is not possible to make money without Adsense account. To link your AdSense account to your YouTube channel, follow the below steps;

  • Log in to your YouTube Account
  • Go to YouTube Dashboard
  • Click on monetization, available under Channel option on the left side
  • Next, link your Adsense Account

Once your Adsense account is linked with your YouTube Channel, you will be eligible for monetizing the videos. Next, click on the ‘Status and Features‘ options to check the status of your monetization. If disable then please enable the same before uploading the videos.

monetization of youtube videos

monetization of YouTube videos

Once you are eligible for the monetization, share your videos and follow below steps to start making money out of it.

  • Go to Video Manager ( We assume that you are already login to your YouTube Account)
  • Next, click on dollar sign as shown in the below image
monetization of youtube videos online

monetization of YouTube videos online

  • Next, it will open a new dialogue box with below options
Monetize the video on Youtube Channel

Monetize the video on YouTube Channel

Now YouTube will show the advertisement on your videos and in return, you will make money out of it.

Just for your Information – There is no upper limit on the size of the video but for uploading video greater than 15 minutes, you need to verify the account once. To know how to verify the account, please refer to the FAQs of YouTube.

If you own a YouTube channel and making money out of it. Please share with us. Further please do comment for any queries or questions, we will be happy to help you.

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