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Five Best-Selling Digital Goods on the Internet in 2022

If you are planning to start your own business, then you must consider selling digital items online.Today, selling digital goods is a new trend and it is one of the best things to sell online. Below, we will share the list of best selling digital goods on the Internet in 2017.

But before starting with the article, if you don’t know What is Digital Goods and Why you should sell it online? then please check out the below article for the same.

Why Should You Sell Digital Goods Online?

So, after reading the above article, a question may arise to you, What are the most profitable digital products you can sell online? If yes, then please read below.

Sell Digital Downloads In 2022

Below is the list of digital goods you can sell online and make money from it. It is the great way to create passive income for you.


eBooks will be the first name that will come to the list of profitable digital goods. ebooks have opened the door for all those authors who find difficulties in finding the publisher for their books.

Now they don’t require any publisher to publish the book. They can publish it under S-Published authors.

Here ebooks includes both written and audio ebooks. If you do not like reading then you can download audiobooks also.

It is very easy to sell ebooks online. You can sell it either through your own website or third-party sites like Amazon.Com.

Amazon’s Kindle Store is the best example of such website.

Amazon’s Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle


Another name that will come to the list is Songs & Music. In fact, it is the oldest digital item sold online.

Today, no one goes to store for buying the Music CDs. Days are gone where we used to buy CDs or DVDs to listen to music. Now, we simply download or purchase the songs and music from online.

Of course, there are lots of websites which allows listening and downloading music at free of cost. But none of them is selling legal music. In a country like India, there is still a scope for such business.

Gaana, iTunes, Saregama etc are the best example of such websites.

Saregama buy music and songs online

Saregama buy music and songs online

Photographs, Cliparts, and Vectors

This is a new way of making money online. If you don’t know the difference between these three terms, then please check out the below article.

What is the Difference Between Photo, Clipart, and Vector?

Shutterstock is the best example of this kind of website. It is selling royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors online.

ShutterStocks Website

ShutterStocks Website

Like other digital goods, these can be sold through your own website or third-party sites like Shutterstock.

Here, we also suggest you, please read the below two articles.

How to Make Money From Photoshop?
How to Make Money From PowerPoint?

Lessons and Tutorials

Yes, Lessons and Tutorials are virtual goods.It can be sold online in the downloadable format like PDF, PPT, DOC etc. Here, lessons and tutorials include both written and video course as well.

There are lots of websites that are selling ‘How to‘ Tutorials online. These tutorials are usually sold in PDF format. The video tutorials are more famous for educational courses.

Selling PDF Files at Techshristi

Selling PDF Files at Techshristi

If you have any information available to you then you can sell and make money from it online. It does not make any difference in which format you are selling the information.

Web Elements

If you are a graphic designer or you know how to design a website then this option is best for you. With the increase in demand of ‘Online Website’, demand for web design template, patterns, brushes, wallpapers, themes, logos etc got increased.

If you know how to create these kinds of stuff then you can earn money by selling it. Themeforest is the best example of it. It is making money by selling website themes online.

Theme Forest Website Themes

Theme Forest Website Themes

Takeaway Tips

Above five digital goods are just an example. The list is inclusive and many new possibilities are still unexplored.

Today, people are looking to learn and ready to pay for the information. Below two examples will clarify everything.

  1. Check out Pixie Faire, a couple is making $600,000 US yearly from it. This website is selling sewing patterns as downloadable PDFs.
  2. Check out EmbroideryShristi, it is making money by selling Machine Embroidery Patterns online.


Now your turn, feel free to share if we missed any name on our list. We will be happy to hear from you. You can also contact us or share your message in the below comment box if you face any problem in selling virtual goods online. We will be happy to help you in start sellings digital goods online.

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