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5 Reasons For Low AdSense Earnings (With Solutions)

Low Adsense Earnings on Google Adsense Account

This article is a must for all those users using Google Adsense on their blog or website. Instead of how to increase AdSense earnings this article will share the reasons for low Adsense income. Trust, after reading this article, you will get the answer to your questions like

  • Why have my AdSense Earnings dropped?
  • Why is my AdSense Revenue so low?

The below articles includes all top reasons for the decrease in Google Adsense Income. If you fix these problems then definitely you will find the improvement in your AdSense earnings.

So, What are we waiting for? Let us understand the factors that can affect your AdSense revenue.

Fix Low Google Adsense Earnings

There are two ways to make more money from Google Adsense? First, implement different techniques to increase it and Second, fix low Adsense earnings problem.

If you think there is nothing wrong with your Adsense account and website then you can refer the below article to increase Adsense revenue on the blog. This article will share different tips to increase Google Adsense income.

The Complete Guide to Google Adsense

The above tips will work only if everything is working fine. But if there is something wrong with your site or Adsense account then it will not change anything. The condition will remain the same.

In this case, you need to find out the problem and fix it. Next, AdSense earning will automatically start increasing.

Some of the most common problem resulting in low Adsense earnings (with solution) are discussed below.

The first and the most common reason for low Adsense earning is low website traffic.

Low Website Traffic To Your Website

If you are receiving low traffic on your site or suddenly there is huge drop in website traffic on your website then this could be the reason for your low Adsense income.

Trust, none of the techniques will work unless you fix this issue. I strongly suggest to focus on increasing website traffic and rest everything will start falling in place automatically.

Yes, if you get succeeded in increasing the traffic on your blog then all other tips will also start having a positive impact on your earnings.

How to Fix Low Website Traffic Problem?

Simple work hard and promote your website or blog rigorously to get more traffic on your website.

Yes, there is no shortcut to increase traffic overnight. The more you promote or share online the more traffic you will get.

Now, the question may arise how to promote your website and drive more traffic to your website? To get the answer to this question, please refer the below article

How to Promote and Increase Website Traffic?

At last, if someone asked me to conclude this answer in one line then my reply will be: Promote and Share your website aggressively.

Pro Tips:

  • The above technique will work only if you are getting low traffic on your site. But, it will not work in case there is a sudden drop in website traffic.
  • Remember the sudden drop in the traffic can be because of two reasons. First, there would be a change in the algorithm of the search engine or Second, you have made any recent changes on your site.
  • Remember, Recent Changes does not mean changes in last 24 hours but instead, it includes changes made in the last 15 to 30 days. This is because the impact of your changes will only reflect when your site gets reindexed by the search engine. Search Engine including Google takes a few days (based on your website popularity) to revisit your website and recrawl it with the new changes. Hence, it takes some time to consider your changes.

Browsers Update Or Cache Problem

Yes, this can also be the reason for low Adsense earnings. If your browser is not updated then there are the higher chances that it will block ads on your site.

Hence, the ads will be not shown to your visitors and thereby you will make less amount of money from Google Adsense.

A similar problem may also arise due to browser cache. If browser cache is not properly configured then it may also block Google Ads from displaying.

Trust me, this is the most vulnerable problem for low Adsense earnings. This is because

  • You can’t keep checking ads on your site too frequently to ensure whether it is displaying or not?
  • This type of problem will not generate an error in your Google Adsense account.
  • You don’t have any direct control of the browser used by your visitors.

How to Identify Browser Or Cache Related Problems?

Simple, check your website or blog once a day to see whether the ads are displaying or not? Next, if it got stop displaying then immediately check your website in some other browser or clear browser cache.

Remember, if ads are running in Google Chrome than it does not mean it will also run in all other browsers. From my past experience, I have seen ads running in Chrome and Internet Explorer but not running in Firebox.

Don’t Ignore The Importance Of Ad Placement

The next reason for low Google Adsense Earnings is poor ad placement. The placement of the ad unit is directly propionate to the Adsense revenue.

The logic is simple. If your ad units are poorly placed on your site then you will get the good number of clicks on it. Hence, your earnings will be low from Google Adsense.

Remember, the highest CPC rate can be achieved by placing the ads within your post and blend the same with your blog theme.

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense
Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

In simple words, the one which easily gets fit and looks similar to your blog will get more clicks on it.

Crawling Error

The crawling problem can be another reason for low Adsense income. If Google can’t crawl your website then the ads shown will be irrelevant. Hence, you will get the low number of clicks on it and thereby the Adsense earnings will be too low.

You can easily find this error in your Adsense Account.

Next, within the Adsense account, there is an option to provides access and authorization. Using this option, you can easily manage the crawl access.

Recent Changes Made On Your Website Or Blog

Another vulnerable reason for low earnings from Google Adsense is a recent change made to your website. The below examples will make this clear to you.

  • Similarly, Google stops displaying ads when I enabled AMP on my website. Once again this is because there is a separate code for showing ads on the AMP page.
  • When I changed my site from HTTP to HTTPS, Google Adsense stopped displaying ads on my website. This is because, as per Google, HTTPS-enabled sites require all content on the page, including the ads, be SSL-compliant. Hence, in this case, you need to change the Ad Code also.
Google Ads on SSL and HTTPS Compliant Website
Google Ads on SSL and HTTPS Compliant Website

In both cases, the ads stopped running because of the recent changes made to the website.

The Final Words

If your Google Adsense Earning is not getting increased after implementing various different techniques then you should give a try to this.

Instead of focusing on ‘Increase in Google Adsense Earnings‘, try to find out the exact reasons for the decrease in revenue of Adsense account.

Once you find the problem, resolve it and then see the magic. Trust me, once you remove the bottleneck, all other techniques ( implemented for increasing Adsense Income) will start working automatically.

What do you say? Do not forget to share your feedback in below comment box. We will be happy to hear from you.

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