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How to Increase the Adsense CPC Rate?

How to increase the adsense CPC

If you are running a website or blog and AdSense (pay-per-click advertising) is the only source of income for running the website then you cannot ignore the earning made from your ad sense account. You will always wish to increase your ad sense earning. If you are searching to increase AdSense CPC of your blogs, you are in the right place.

What is CPC rate? In simple language, it is the amount paid per click on the ad. It is the cost per click. There are the various ways for increasing the CPC rate.  Some of them are mentioned below

Niche Website or Blog

Very first thing you will need for increasing the CPC rate is a Niche website or blog. Niche website or blog focuses on a small group of people that have interests which align with your product or service.

It is generally observed that Niche website do well than others. Advertisers are interested in paying more amounts to the websites that have the interest align with their product or services. CPC rate of Marketing or Finance blog or website will be higher than the general education related website or blog.

Content of the Blog

Yes, the content of blog also plays important role in deciding the CPC rate. Ads are shown based on the content surrounding the ad area.  You will see that if you are writing about the MBA online degree than MBA related ads will start appearing on that page.

Remember, different key words will have different CPC rate. Do proper keywords analysis before writing any content.

Placement of Ads

Advertiser will be happy to pay more to the ad appear in the top header and not the ads appear in the footer. Maximum Click will come from the ads placed at the top of the website or blog.

Placement of Ads

Placement of Ads

Number of ads per page

Initially, Google had restricted the number of ads to be placed per page. But now there is no limitation on a number of ads per page. You can use the ads as many as you want unless it does not violate any terms and policy of the agreement.

You will be happy to know that google has removed the policy of limiting AdSense ads to three ads per page. Now, Adsense publishers can place an unlimited amount of AdSense ads on a page.However, the number of ads should not exceed your content. To confirm this news you can check the Policy Page. Initially, there was a section named ad limit per page, which is now removed.

We suggest you limit the number of ads placed on your website or blog. Showing more ads will not increase your earning. Further, this may decrease your CPC and CTR rate.

Always target the visitor coming from high paying country. Ads will always come from the advertisers in their country. Visitor coming from United State will find the ads from the advertisers in United State.

Of course, an advertiser in United State will pay more than advertiser in Asian countries.

Ad Network or Formats

Though you can block the ad network in Adsense, we will not suggest blocking of any ad network for increasing the CPC rate. Google ad sense will by default showing the highest paying ads on your website. So there is no need of blocking ad network for increasing CPC rate. Similarly, we will not suggest blocking of text or image ads on your website.

Internet Keywords

Proper keyword research is the key to increase AdSense CPC. Always try to use the high CPC paying key words. Based on these key words, Google will show the highest CPC paying keywords on your website or blog.

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