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The Future of e-Commerce [Infographic]

The Future of e-Commerce: The Customer-Centric Trend

As human beings, we love to know what the future holds for us. There is no shortage of predictions out there. Some are good, some not so good, and some are downright disappointing. Fans of Back to the Future can attest to that. Where are our flying cars? Back to the point, predicting the future is something that most people are interested in. For those in the e-commerce industry, it takes a whole new significance. Ask the guy that is still sitting with a warehouse full of loombands because he just missed out on the craze.

In e-commerce, understanding upcoming trends can be the difference between making a little money and making a fortune. And, while it is important to get in on the latest fad early on, it’s not enough to focus only on the products you are marketing.

You also need to be intensely focused on trends that your client is adopting. That is changes in what they expect from you in terms of customer service, payment options, etc.

To help you with your problems, Megan and other notable Subscription authors have prepared an infographic that summarizes the main trends that you should be taking note of.

As you will see in the infographic below, the focus is not on slashed prices or a wider variety of stock. Instead, it is becoming more about personalizing the experience and improving the shopping experience. Now, greater personalization is not really something new.

It’s something that marketers have been talking about for some time now. The difference is that in this case, we are looking more in terms of product offerings customized to the client’s needs. Things in the future are moving towards what the client wants, even when that is not necessarily convenient.

You will see a similar thread in all the trends listed. They are about what the client wants. What will make the client happy? They want options – they don’t want us to assume that we know what their needs are.

It could be as simple as offering an expedited delivery service. It could be more complex and involve the development of a shopping app for the clients. The main thing to remember is that it is about the client.

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