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The Complete Guide To Guest Posting

The Complete Guide To Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a link building technique in which you can write an article on someone else site and get do-follow/no-follow backlink in return. Using this technique, you will get the backlink while the website owner will get the high-quality article for his blog. In simple words, it is like a batter system where you are exchanging post for a backlink.

Below, in this article, we have shared a Complete and Definitive Guide to Guest Posting.

Guest Posting

In SEO, Guest posting is one of the best off-page SEO strategy used to enhance your blog traffic. Apart from building backlinks, it also helps you to spread your message and build trust & loyalty with your target audience.

If you are a beginner and struggling to build an online loyalty then I strongly suggest you use this technique. Trust me, blog writing on someone else site will really help you in this matter.

Still not convinced, Why should you do guest posting and write a blog for free?

If you are still not convinced with this technique then we suggest you please read out the below benefits once.

Benefits OF Guest Posting for SEO

The benefits of guest posting are widespread. By writing a blog on someone else site, you can get many benefits like

  • It helps you to build a good number of backlinks for your site.
  • It is a great way to establish your authority in your niche. Your target audience will come to know about your service and will visit your blog for more information.
  • You will get a chance to interact with the new people and hence you build a strong online network.
  • It will give you instant exposure to your target audience. The website owner will share your blog on various social media networks and thereby your article will get a good exposure.

Hence, by writing a single guest article, you will get a free backlink, good exposure, personal networking, and free traffic on your blog.

Do you still think, Guest Posting is not a good idea? I think you should at least give a try to it.

Now, before moving forward, let us first understand the meaning of Paid and Free Guest Posting.

Generally, guest posting on most of the blogs are free, you will not pay for writing and get paid for it.

But there are the few websites who charge X amount for writing a guest post on their blog. Usually, this kind of blogs are with good domain authority and will drive good SEO benefits to your site.

Hence, if you are planning to write a guest post on the high authoritative blog with good traffic then you need to pay for it.

Remember, the only benefit of writing paid guest posts is – for paid posts you have flexibility with their posting guidelines. Hence, you don’t need to follow their posting guidelines for writing a paid guest post.

While in free guest posts, there are lots of posting guidelines that need to be followed for getting a free post.

Next, it takes lots of time in convincing someone and getting a free guest post published on his blog while in case of paid post, it will get published immediately. Hence, both free and paid guest posts have its own advantage and disadvantage in using it.

Of course, there are few blogs with domain score and allow free guest posting on their blog. The list of such blogs is discussed later in this article.

But, a question may arise, how to find the best guest posting sites for Guest Posting?

Find Best Guest Posting Sites

Very Simple. If you know how to write good quality content then it is very easy to find guest posting sites. All you need to do is contact any blog’s owner with your content and request him to post your guest article.

High authoritative blogs like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Lifehacks does not charge anything for publishing your guest posts. All they want is a killer content with lots of information in it.

You can contact them if building only backlinks is not your motive. Remember, they are very strict with their posting guidelines. Your post will not get approved if you have any hidden motive behind it.

But, are you not a pro blogger and does not want to write on such high authoritative blogs? So in this case, how to find other guest posting sites in your niche?

Well, in this case, you can find guest posting sites using two different methods discussed below.

Using Social Media Networks

On social media networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc., there are many online groups providing this kind of services. You can join them and post your request for writing a free or paid guest posts there.

Free Guest Posting Social Media Group on Facebook

Free Guest Posting Social Media Group on Facebook

Using Google Search

Besides Socia Media groups, you can also try various search queries to find guest posting sites. For example, ‘Inurl: “Write for us” + Finance‘. Using this search query, you can find out the list of websites accepting guest post on finance niche.

Find Guest Posting Sites for Finance

Find Guest Posting Sites for Finance

In the above-attached image, Google is showing only those websites who are accepting guest post on finance niche. This is because you are further limiting your search results using ‘InUrl’ and particular keywords ‘Write for us‘ and ‘Finance‘.

Hence, using any of the above methods, you can easily find out the list of websites accepting free or paid guest posts on their blog.

Guest Posting Sites Lists

For your convenience, I have listed out the name of a few websites who accept guest posting on their blog. To submit your guest posts, you can contact them directly using the link given below.

Note: Unlike others, in the below list, we have not considered highly authoritative websites like Entrepreneurs, WordPress etc. I know, getting backlinks on such blogs is very difficult and in case if you know how to post such on blogs then you may be not here for reading this article.

This list is for all those who are struggling in writing guest posts on someone else website.

Blog NameBlog URLCategoryFree/Paid
Digital Maurya, Travel, Technology, Money Making etc.Free
EmbroideryShristi, Embroidery Designs, Sewing, Knitting etcFree/Paid
TechShristi and TeachingFree
 Unrealistic Trends Trends Blogging, Shopping etcFree
Useful Updates Style, Career, Viral Videos, Religion, Sarkari Exam etcFree
NettyFeed Stories and Tech NewsFree
Mr. Web Capitalist Money Online, SEO, Social Media, Blogging etc.Free
TechBuzz Talk Marketing, Web Development, Virtual Reality etc.Free
Travela and DestinationFree
Technographx, Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Mobile AppsFree
Exam Bazaar
Proche and TechnologyFree/Paid
Guide Tricks Money Online, SEO, Social Media, Blogging etc.Free
Chekin Blog and FinanceFree
GetNews360 Estate, Health, Education, Travel, Technology, Money Making etc.Free
Home Improvement Hut Improvement Service like Kitchen, Door Service etc.Free
Guidex, SEO, WordPress etc.Free
Ani Cow, Technology, and LifestyleFree
Finserving, Stock, Investment, Banking Credit Cards etcFree
Under Construction Page, Content Marketing, Online Store etc.Free
Theme Circle and PluginsFree
Google Maps Widget, Online Store, SEO etc.Free
WP Security Ninja SecurityFree
Tidy Repo PluginFree
My WP Tips, SEO, Plugins, Hosting, Affiliate etc.Free
Blog Install Money Online, SEO, Social Media, Blogging etc.Free
Coming Soon WP, Online Website, WordPress etcFree
Roo Home Improvement, Bedroom, Kitchen, Home Design etcFree
My Health Care India

So, now you are ready with the list of websites accepting guest posts on their blog. The next question that will come in your mind will be ‘How to approach them for writing a guest post?

How To Request A Guest Blog Post?

It is very easy to request a guest blog post on someone else website. All you need to do is just write them an email requesting a guest blog post on their website.

But make sure you have read out the posting guidelines before approaching any website. If you are not Ok with their posting guidelines then do not try to approach them for wasting time.

For your convenience, I am attaching ‘Guest Post Email Request’ format below

Hi there,

This side __________ from LoveUMarketing.

Just wanna let you know that I have been following your blog for some time ago. Your articles are amazing, Keep up the amazing work.

Anyway, back to my point, I was wondering if I could contribute to your Blog

I understand the need for unique and well-researched content.

I’ll make sure the piece is filled with information that can’t be found anywhere else.

Please let me know if you accept the guest article on your blog.


How To Write The Best Guest Blogger

Now, everything is ready and it’s a time to write high-quality content for your guest posts. Below, we have suggested three online tools for writing a killer content for your guest post.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Use this plugin for writing a well SEO Optimized content for your guest posts. You will find the detailed review on Yoast at below article.

Beginner’s Tutorial On Yoast SEO Plugin Configuration


The next tool in the list is Grammarly. If you are not so good at writing skills then use this services to write grammatically error-free content. You will find the detailed review on Grammarly at below link

Review of Free Grammar Checker Tool: Grammarly

Hemingway App

The next online tool on the list is Hemingway App. The Hemingway App is a wonderful web-based and desktop standalone software to help you edit your written English article.

Once you complete the article writing, you can use this app to check its readability scores.

Edit Your English Written Article using Hemingway app

Edit Your English Written Article using Hemingway app

In the above-attached image, you will find that I have readability score of Grade 7. It means it is easy to read and understand your article.

Once your article passed through all the above tools, you can send it for guest posting.

Wrapping Up

Guest Blogging is really a very good off page SEO strategy. If you get any chance to write a guest article then please do not miss the opportunity.

Trust me, you will not feel regret for writing on someone else website.

If you are still feeling hesitated in writing a guest post, then you can follow my guest posting strategy.

I started writing the guest post from low authoritative websites. My first guest blog was on a website with DA of 15.

Next, after writing a few guest article on such websites, slowly and gradually, I started writing for  higher authority sites.

My last guest posting was on ShoutMeLoud website with DA of 60+

Guest Posting on Highly Authoritative Blogs ShoutMeLoud

Guest Posting on Highly Authoritative Blogs ShoutMeLoud

At last, if you face any problem with Guest Posting, feel free to contact us anytime. You can share your message in the below comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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