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4 Reasons To Start Your Own Online Store Than Amazon Store

Today, starting an Amazon store startup is one of the easiest jobs in the universe. Within a few clicks, your store will be live on the Amazon. Next, unlike making your own store, this kind of store does not require any investment and technical expertise to sell goods online. All you need to do is create an account and list your products on it. Rest, Amazon will take care of it. It will send endless traffic to your store and eventually, your product will get sold online.

But, with any business having a low barrier to entry and exit means a higher competition. Since within a few clicks you can start or close your store, today, Amazon has been flooded by tons of online seller.



Next, in such a case, you will not get enough exposure and in the end, you will get lost in the waves of competition.

We are writing this article for all those sellers who find an online marketplace as the most appealing option for selling online.

Please don’t consider us wrong. But, we don’t agree with this. Amazon Store still lacks many things.

Online Marketplace like Amazon is not a long-term solution. What if Amazon suddenly closed down its business? In this case, your store will also get closed down.

Next, in the absence of correct information, you think Amazon is the best website to create an online store. But the fact is something different.

According to us, you should start your own store rather than creating a store on the online marketplace like Amazon.

We have many reasons to support our answer but let us first start our article with the disadvantage of selling online through the Amazon store.

Why you should not make an Amazon Store?

We really do not prefer to sell on Amazon store. Instead, create your own store and sell there. Of course, at the initial stage, you will find some difficulties in selling your products but in the long-term, this will be very helpful. Your business will be yours and there will no interference in this from outside.

Tons of Online Sellers

This is the first and the biggest problem in selling through Amazon Store.

Have you ever searched for any product on the Amazon website? If Yes, then what did you find there? Of course, lakhs of products with hundreds of sellers. Right?

So, if you are running an online store on the Amazon, then ask a question to yourself? Where is your store in that search result? Lost? Right?

This is the biggest disadvantage of using Amazon store. In this competitive marketplace, it is very difficult to sell online. Your products will not get enough exposure and eventually your store will get closed down.

Of course, due to the large customer base, it will initially boost your sales but in the long term, it will definitely not make your store successful.

Fear of Sudden Ban From Amazon

Yes, this happens on Amazon store. According to Amazon terms and conditions, in case of any violation or breach of conditions, Amazon can ban you permanently.

Trust me, all these policies are not just for the sake of showing. There are the real stories where sellers are got banned by the Amazon.

We agree if someone has breached any condition then his store should get banned permanently. But, what if your account get banned for the factor beyond your control?

Yes, there are many factors which are beyond your control and Amazon can ban your account for that factors too. For example, you can get a ban on selling low-quality products.

Amazon Will Decide Your Selling Price

Yes, you heard correctly. Starting your own store on Amazon does not mean you can sell your products at your price. Amazon has designed an algorithm to analysis various online websites and thereby finds the cheapest price at which the said product is available.

Next, if Amazon finds that you are selling the product at a too higher price than it will reduce the price without seeking any permission from you.

In simple words, Amazon wants to sell more products online. No matter, at what price are you selling?

The same thing is also written in the seller agreement. Hence, please read it properly before starting an online store on Amazon.

Next, you can use this Amazon Profit Calculator to know how much profit you have made from your Amazon store.

Lack of Customization Options

Unlike own online store, on Amazon, you lack customization options. Since you are using the marketplace of Amazon for running your online store, it is not possible to add or remove any additional functionality as per your requirement.

In simple words, you can’t customize your store as per your requirement.

Lack of Goodwill

This is last but not the least reason for not starting an online store on Amazon.

Amazon store lack goodwill and yes it is true. Let us understand this with a real example.

Have you ever made any purchase from Amazon? If Yes, then what was the name of the seller from whom you have purchased online?

Forgot? Right?

All you remember is you have made purchased from the Amazon. But, you don’t remember the name of the shop from whom you have made purchased?

Now, just sit back and think? What is the use of such customers if they don’t remember your shop name? I think you guys are not focusing on selling only. The building goodwill is also important to you.

Hence, it is always advised to start your own online store rather than Amazon store. Only your own online store can help you in building goodwill and a successful business.

Next, let us discuss the top 6 reasons for starting own online store below.

How to Start an Online Store Website?

Please refer below article to know how to get a free online store using Prestashop.

The Complete Step By Step Guide To Start An Online Store

Following the above guide, you can start your own store on PrestaShop and can sell your products online.

The Complete Step By Step Guide To Start An Online Store

The Complete Step By Step Guide To Start An Online Store

Next, below we have discussed the top 5 reasons for starting your own online store than amazon store.

Own Store Can Be Easily Customized

This is the first and the most reason to start your own custom online store. If you own an online store then you can customize it as per your requirements.

For example, EmbroideryShristi removed the entire checkout process for its free products. Now, the customers can download the free design without any registration and login.

Checkout Process at EmbroideryShristi

Checkout Process at EmbroideryShristi

Such kind of customization is not possible on Amazon store. On Amazon, you can only select the appropriate options from the available list.

Branding and Online Presence

Have you ever seen an Amazon store having a good number of followers online? Of course, No. This is because, on Amazon, there is no such option available. Next, due to the very high competition, what consumer remember is the word ‘Amazon’, they will not remember your shop name.

But this will be not the case in your own store. If you own your store then you will have your own brand name and online presence. Like EmbroideryShristi, you can start an facebook book and build millions of online followers.

Hence, a custom online store always helps in branding and improving your online presence.

Very Cost Effective

This is another important reason to create your own online store. The cost to build an online store is less than one lakh rupees. Further, once you build the store, the cost involved in running the same will be less than 10 thousand rupees.

Hence, building own online store is very cost effective. It will not burn your pocket to start your store. In case, if you don’t know how to manage an online store then you can even hire an online consultant to look after your online website.

You can even sell it at a very good price at the time of winding up of your business. This is not possible with your Amazon store.

Additional Source of Income

Yes, it is possible to make an additional source of income by running your own store. Unlike the amazon store, you can monetize your online store with Google Adsense and make money from it.

Further, you can also promote and sell affiliate products on your store and make money from it.

Hence, starting your own store open an addtional income opportunities for you.

Own Sets of Policies and Regulations

Since you own this store, you will have your own set of policies and rules and regulations on the store.

Further, there will be no fear of getting banned for any violation of policies on the store. You own the store and thus you will make your own policies.

Wrapping Up

Hence, we strongly suggest starting your own store rather than starting the store on Amazon. Of course, initially you will find difficulty in finding the customers but once grow, you will enjoy its fruits.

At last, if you face any problem in starting your online store then feel free to contact us. We will help in starting your own online store.

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