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The Unbeatable Guide To Content Repurposing

The Unbeatable Guide To Content Repurposing

A few days back, One of my blogger friends asked me a question. ” I own a blog having 1200+ blog posts on it. Now, What should I do? Should I write the new content or go back and edit the old posts?

I am sure, even you would have come across this situation many times. But, I suggest, before coming to any conclusion, please read this article completely.

Hereby in this article, we will discuss repurposing old content.

Remember, there is no logic in spending long hours and writing new content every time. If your blog has millions of posts and no one is visiting it then one day your blog will become a graveyard.

Let’s think about this in a different way.

  • Suppose, today you write a blog post on ‘Creating Ad Unit in Google Adsense Account’. 3 years hence, do you think, the process to create an ad unit will remain the same? Of course, lots of things will get changed over time. In 2021, your blog post will get outdated and no one will be interested in reading it.
  • Now, just imagine. A new user visits your blog in 2021, What will he or she find? Of course, a Colossal Wastage. Right?
  • My father loves to read articles but I love to watch a video tutorial. Now, if you own a youtube channel, then obviously you lost the audience who loves to read online rather than watching a video. In such a case, you can revamp the articles and convert them into a written script to target the new audience.

Remember, it is very important to update the old blog posts and bring them back to life. You can also use the same updated content to target a new audience and drive more traffic to your blog. Trust, this article will also help you to increase traffic to your website.

What Is Content Repurposing?

I know, you may be wondering, What is the connection between Revamping and Repurposing? Remember, there is a very thin line of difference between Repurposing and Revamping.

Before understanding the meaning of ‘Repurposing‘, let’s first understand the meaning of ‘Revamping‘.

Revamping means updating old blog posts with relevant and updated data and information. Whereas, Repurposing means updating the old blog posts and using it for the same purpose.

Hence, if you’re simply updating your old content then it is called revamping but if you are updating the old content to target the new auidence then it is called repurposing.

Remember. unlike Revamping, Repurposing Content includes two things.

  1. Updating the old blog posts
  2. Target a new audience with an updated post.

Benefits of Content Repurposing

There are many benefits of doing content repurposing. These benefits are mentioned below.

Give A New Life To Old Outdated Content

This is the first and most obvious benefit of doing content repurposing.

Depending on the life of your blog, you may have years of archived content that are outdated now. Neither users or search engines are interested in referring to the outdated articles.

Hence, it becomes very important to update old content and bring them to life.

Update Old Content and Give A New Life To It
Update Old Content and Give A New Life To It

Note: You can also update the publishing date of your blog posts. This will inform search engines including Google that your content has been updated. Next, including the revision history at the top of the page will help your reader that they are reading an updated version of the blog post.

Reach New Audience

As mentioned earlier in this post, Content Repurposing including two things. First, updating the old article and Second, targeting the new audience.

In repurposing content, you will target the new audience after updating the old content.

For example, your potential customers who do not like to read the long article may read your blog if you convert them into a video series.

Hence, by repurposing the same content, your blog gets exposed to a new audience.

Increase Your Organic Reach

An increase in Organic reach is another benefit of content repurposing.

If you repurpose your content, then you will host your different content on different pages and platforms as well.

Next, this will increase the opportunities to appear more times in the search results.

Improve Organic Reach and Search
Improve Organic Reach and Search

Above all are the most common benefits of repurposing content. Besides these, there are many other benefits also. For example,

  • Improve the SEO of your blog
  • Improve your blog’s credibility and reputation
  • Diversify your content by publishing in different forms on various platforms.
  • Produce New Content Easily without any problem
  • Stay up-to-date etc.

4 Ways To Do Content Repurposing

If you’re doing blogging for a while then you are likely to have lots of articles on your blog or any other form like Youtube channel, ebooks, etc., that can be used in any other way.

Below, we will share the six best ways to repurpose your content and reach a new audience.

Converts Your Blog Posts Into Downloadable PDF or Audio

This is one of the best ways to do ‘Content Repurposing‘. In this technique, you will convert your articles into downloadable PDF or Audio format and allow your readers to download and read it later.

You can also use these files to encourage readers to sign up your newsletter in exchange for a free download

Similarly, you can also select and convert a few of your blog posts into a beautiful ebook and sell online.

Our ebook on Google Adsense is a beautiful example of it. We have created a small ebook on Google Adsense for our readers. You can find this ebook in the below link.

Remember, Content Repurposing is not only about converting blog posts into PDF files but it also includes targeting the new audience who doesn’t like to read online. Such a reader can download PDF files and get them print on a paper to read.


  • Converting into PDF files does not mean to copy and paste the entire blog post into a PDF file. If you convert the entire article ( without making any changes) then there are higher chances that your blog will get affected by the ‘Google Penalty for Duplicated Content’.
  • To avoid this penalty, we strongly advise you to spin off the article before converting it into a PDF.
  • You can also replace the PDF files with Audio, Video or Podcast. It does not matter what kind of format are you using? If your purpose is same then you can easily repurpose your content.

Convert The Long Blog Post Into A Small Presentation or Infographic

Long articles are good for SEO but some readers do not like it. Instead of reading the long article, they prefer to read a small presentable visual presentation or infographic online.

It’s just like preparing simple summary notes from the long article.

Our Ppt presentation on Duplicate Content is a great example of it. We have converted the entire article into a Ppt presentation.

You can also host this presentation on a website like Slideshare and ask readers to visit your blog for more detail information.

Start A Email Series Consisting Old Blog Post

Another way to reach a new audience is through email newsletters. You can repurpose some of your more popular posts into an email series shared at a regular interval.

For example, you can create a mini-course and share an email consisting link to your blog posts in it. The famous ShoutMeLoud blog is doing this in the name of the ‘Mini Affiliate Course‘.

Create The Popular Posts Widget On Your Blog

This is another best way to repurpose your old content. Create a widget displaying your more popular blog posts in it.

You can place this widget to the sidebar or homepage of the blog and promote it.

The new users ( visitors who visit your blog for the first time) will easily find your popular blog posts to read it. Next, there are higher chances that they will subscribe to your blog feed after reading the popular blog posts.

The Final Words

There are many ways to repurpose your old content. But, in all the case the objective will remain the same – Targeting New Audience by repurposing the old content of your blog.

At last, if you’re using the repurposing techniques or methods for your blog posts then don’t forget to share them with others. You can share your message in below comment box.

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