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A Frustrated Customer Build An Entire New Website For Bad Service Experience

OYO Ruined My Anniversary

Customer service has always been or will always be the key factor in your business. If your customer service is not good then you will definitely end up with business failure.

But, have you ever wonder? How many companies or brands take this customer service seriously?

Many companies and brands fail to keep their promises and hence end with the lifetime experience for their customers.

Customer Service Management
Customer Service Management

This article is about such bad customer service experience. But, before we move forward with this article, let me ask a question to you.

What will you do if you don’t have a good experience with any company or brand?

Of course, you will call their customer service and ask for compensation. Right?

But here, in this case, the frustrated customer did something different. He started an entirely new website dedicated to his bad experience with the company or brand.

The name of the brand is #OYORooms and the website is

OYO Ruined My Anniversary

This website is created by a Chennai based Indian for sharing his bad experience with Oyo Rooms.

If in case the above website is not alive then you can check the same in below snapshot.

OYO Ruined My Anniversary
OYO Ruined My Anniversary

Please note, the above-attached image is a snapshot of the article appearing on the ‘OYO Ruined My Anniversary’ website. This snapshot is just for educational purpose only. It may be possible that today this website maybe not alive. Hence we have taken the snapshot of the entire website along with its content. But, all the rights are with their owner only. We do not own any rights with us.

According to this website, OYO ruined his first wedding anniversary at

As per planning, he arrives in Andaman with her spouse but unfortunately, the hotel manager denied their booking on the ground of some ‘Payment Issue’ going on with OYO rooms.

As a normal customer, he immediately calls the customer service of OYO and explained the situation.

But after many unsuccessful attempts and lots of struggle, he finally managed to connect with the OYO executive. Next, he explained the entire situation to the executive asking for help.

Finally, OYO decided to provide an alternative booking to the customer but later it was discovered that the hotel was in West Bengal ( around 1300 KMs away from the Andaman).

Next, after lots of struggle, the customer once again connects customer service department and explained the entire situation.

This time, the OYO arranged another accommodation for him but the new manager refused to adjust the previous payment made to OYO and charged the full amount to him in cash.

OYO Rooms
OYO Rooms

After going back to Chennai, once again he tried to contact the customer executive for the refund but this time, the executive connected him with another customer.

After lots of struggle, once again the customer contacted the executive but this time the executive end up saying ‘We could credit only Rs.500 to his wallet‘.

And Finally, the customer gave up and decided to start a website to share his bad experience with the OYO rooms.

The Final Words

Have you ever faced such a bad experience with any company or brand? If Yes, then don’t forget to share your experience with us. You can share your message in below comment box.

Further, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding the above article. We will be happy to help you.

As per the last update posted by him, this matter is yet not resolved by OYO Rooms. Please find below the attached snapshot of the update posted by him.

OYO Rooms Updated Problem Resolved Ruined My Anniversary
OYO Rooms Updated Problem Resolved Ruined My Anniversary

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