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10 Top Crucial Factors To Build A High Converting Blog

10 Top Crucial Factors To Build A High Converting Blog

Website Designing is the most crucial steps when starting a new blog. If you want to build a successful blog then you should learn how to build a high converting blog using WordPress?

But, building a high converting blog is not an easy task. Its require lots of factors to be taken into consideration. Some of these factors are Loading Speed, User-Friendliness,  Fonts Size, Visual Images, Mobile Friendliness, etc.

This article is about all those factors. Absence of these factors can destroy your blog completely. I strongly suggest considering these factors seriously while building a high converting blog.

46.1% of people say a website’s design is the top criteria for deciding if a company is credible or not.

Research From Standford University

Build High Converting Blog

The Blog’s homepage is the first thing your visitors will notice when visiting your blog for the first time. Hence, it is very important that you pay special attention to your blog homepage. Ensure you design your homepage properly and does not commit any mistakes mentioned below.

To sum up, you should try to avoid below-mentioned mistakes when designing a high converting blog.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing these mistakes below.

#1. Speed Up Image Loading Speed

This is the biggest mistake one made when designing an online site. In the lure of using attractive images, they forget about its size and loading speed. The large file takes more time to load and thereby increase the loading time of your blog.

Do you know? The uploaded Images are the key factor when it comes to improving the loading speed. If you optimize them properly then it will definitely increase the loading speed of your site.

But, a question may arise. How to optimize these Images? To get this answer, please read below paragraph.

Optimizing Images is really an easier job than you think. A simple plugin called by name ‘Image Optimization’ can solve your problem permanently. All you need to do is just installed any of the image optimization plugins and then reduce the file size. Once the file size got reduced, it will less time to load.

Hence, if you really want to build a high converting blog then try to avoid using heavy image files on your blog.

Loading Speed of Website

Loading Speed of Website

Similarly, you should also try to improve the loading speed of your entire site as well. No one likes a slow loading website.

So, just imagine? What will happen, if your site takes 2 more seconds to load completely? In this case, you will lose your ranking and visitors as well. Right?

Hence, it is very important to improve the loading time of your uploaded images and entire blog as well.

Pro Tips: I strongly suggest installing the Cache and Lazy Load plugin on your blog. Trust, these two plugins will take care of the loading speed of your site.

An increase of 1 to 5 seconds of load time may increase the probability of bounce rate by 90%.

Google Page Load Study

#2. Use Of Complicated Theme For Your WordPress Site

Using a too complicated and colorful theme is another mistake you should avoid when designing a blog. Trust, no one like such kind of website or blog.

Instead, keep it simple. I strongly suggest using a simple and user-friendly theme for your blog. If an online visitor ( visiting your site) does not understand your site then he or she will immediately leave it.

According to one study, it only takes 4 seconds to build the first opinion about your site. So, it means, when visitors visit your site for the first time, it will take only 4 seconds to decide whether to follow or not your blog.

Of course, within 4 seconds, he or she can’t read anything. It is only your theme, which will help to build an opinion.

Always remember, online visitors, do no visit your site to check high-quality images. Hence, they get frustrated when they do not find anything useful on your site.

Pro Tips: I strongly suggest to stick your best article and remove all un-relevant things from the home page. This will help your users to find the most important and relevant content on your site easily.

I am sure, like other peoples, you may also think that making money from a blog is an easy job. But, let me tell you, this is completely untrue. In fact, making money from a blog is the toughest job in the world.

Next, ‘Blogging’ doesnot mean making money without doing nothing. If you really want to make money from your blog then you needs to work hard on it.

Starting from designing a blog to promoting it, making money from a blog requires lots of hard work and dedication. If everything works well then only you will make money from your blog. This article will highlight those factors and mistakes.

#3. Landing Web Page On Your Blog

In common parlance of digital marketing, Landing Page stands for a stand-alone web page created for promoting and marketing anything online. For example,  during the Christmas festival, if you create a web page for promoting anything online, then that web page is called Landing Page.

This web page is called Landing Page because it is a page where visitors land when clicked on your offer.

I know many of you are wondering, the question of Landing Page will arise only during the festive season. So, Why I am so much bothered about it?

I know, the question of Landing Page will arise only during the festive season, but here we are discussing this kind of Landing Page only.

In our case, the Landing Page refers to all those web pages which your visitors visit on your site.

For example, If you are reading this article, then I will consider this web page as Landing Page for you.

This is because, like a festive landing page, I want you to give special attention to all web pages available on your site. Next, this will help you to improve the conversion rate of every web page created on your website.

Below are the few tips for designing stunning landing webpages on your blog.

  • Make use of Large and Simple Fonts.
  • Optimize large images before using it. This will increase the loading speed of your web pages.
  • Make Proper Use of Heading Tags. Use H1, H2, H3, H4 and so on in sequential order.
  • Use the minimum number of Call to Action (if any) buttons on your webpage.
  • Follow the KISS Principles (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

Now, if you want to create a high converting website or blog then all the web pages needs to be taken care of. Make sure, your webpages are user friendly. 

Note: Whether it is festive’s landing page or normal web page, attempt should be always made to create user-friendly pages. Remember, the more clear your web pages will be the more conversion rate you will received.

#4. Use Of Canonical Tag In Seo

Do you know? There is always more than one way to visit any part of your website or blog. 

For example, you can visit this article using any of the below two links.


Now, since both the link is getting redirected to a single content, hence it may result in duplicate content.

And, all the Search Engines (including Google) don’t like the duplicate content. Remember, for duplicate content, it is not necessary to have identical URL structure.

Since, both the URLs are redirecting to the same webpage with the same content, search engines will consider them as duplicate only. Your blog will get penalized for this kind of duplicate content also.

The only way to avoid this problem is by using the canonical tag on your blog. Canonical Tag is HTML elements that prevent webmaster from creating duplicate content on their website.

In this technique, using the HTML tag, you will define the most preferred version of the given web page. Canonical Tag will look like this.

Canonical Tag in SEO

Canonical Tag in SEO


If you are using canonical tag, then above both links will be different for you and search engines as well. Hence, consider this factor seriously when designing a site.

Canonical tag, if implemented correctly, then it will resolve the problem of duplicate content on your site.

Note: If you check online then there are many articles saying the duplicate content is just a myth. It will not impact your website.

I strongly suggest not to believe in it. This is because, whether its a myth or not? It is better to be on the safe side rather than challenging it.

Trust, there is no harm in implementing canonical tag, but it may impact your site adversely if you do not apply it.

#5. Navigational Menu On The Blog

The navigational menu is the key to all web pages on your website. A poorly designed navigational menu will not only make your visitors confused but the high conversion rate will also get suffer.

This is the only reason why almost all the website or blog has a horizontal menu at the top of the website.

I know it is not something unique and it is found on all the website or blog. But, this is something that a visitor expect from your website. Trust, all the visitors visiting your site like the horizontal menu.

But here, it is also important to note that, by the term ‘Horizontal Menu’, we simply mean a horizontal menu with a limited drop-down menu in it.

It should not be such that you use the excessive drop-down category in your list. This type of menu create lots of confusion and make your visitors annoyed. Hence, avoid such type of horizontal menu.

Top Horizontal Menu at WordPress Blog

Top Horizontal Menu at WordPress Blog

#6. Auto Play Audio and Video Media File

Imagine, you visit any website and all of sudden, a audio music start playing on your speaker.

How will you feel? Of course, you may or may not like it?

But, What if this music is too loud and started playing when you are in your office or public premises. Of course, in such case, you will not like it.

So, I strongly suggest not to autoplay and audio and video file on your website. Trust, in the 21st century, no one likes this kind of tactics to increase conversion rate.

Next, to autoplay, audio and video file on your website will require to upload the entire file on your server. Hence, this will consume more space on your server and thereby will take more time to load the webpage on your site.

This will indirectly impact the loading speed of your website and thereby ranking in various search engine.

#7. Advertisements

Showing advertisements is one of the best ways to make money from your website. If appropriately implemented then you will have a high conversion rate on your site.

But, your ad revenue will get impacted by lots of factors like Ad placements, Size of Ad Unit, Text or Image advertisement, etc.

If you don’t consider these factors while showing an advertisement on your site, then there are the higher chances that you will end up with a low conversion rate.

Hence, it is essential to consider this factor very seriously while designing your website.

Next, at the same time, a weak ad placement will also annoy your visitors.

Trust, your visitors will not find your site if you are showing lots of advertisement blocks or using annoying Pop-Up advertisement on your website.

Check out the below-attached snapshot for best ad placement

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

Best Ad Placement for Google AdSense

Hence, plan a proper strategy to increase the conversion rate of your advertisements on your website.

#8. Mobile Friendliness

Mobile Friendliness is another critical factor you should take into consideration while designing your blog. Make sure your site is using mobile-friendly blog theme. 

Mobile Friendly theme is easily available at free of cost online. Today, almost all the theme is mobile responsive. You don’t need to spend anything to get the mobile-friendly theme for your site.

By 2023, there will be more than 500 million Mobile Internet users in India.

Number of mobile phone internet users in India

You can visit this free tool called ‘Google Mobile-Friendly Test’ to check whether you are using a mobile responsive theme for your site or not?

Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly Test

Hence, for creating either SEO or User optimized site, it is very important to use Mobile friendly theme on your site.

#9. HTTPS Site Using SSL Certificate

Another critical factor while designing your site is using an SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS on it.

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and it can be used by installing SSL ( Secure Socket Layer) on your site.

For easy understanding please refer the below-attached snapshot

https enable blog on wordpress

https enable blog on WordPress

If you check the attached image above then you will observe ‘HTTPS’ added before the URL of your blog. Initially, this was ‘HTTPS’ instead of ‘HTTP’.

HTTPs is more secure than HTTP. Hence, it is important to install the SSL certificate and enable HTTPS on your site.

Worried? How to enable HTTPS on your site? No Problem. To get an answer to this question, please refer below.

It is very easy to install the SSL certificate and enable HTTPS on your site. This can be done at free of cost using Cloudflare. All you need to do is add your site or blog to Cloudflare site.

If you have not to add your site to Cloudflare site yet then I strongly suggest to add it immediately. Trust Cloudflare is very important for any site.

This is not because of only free SSL certificate but also to make your site more secure.

Yes, your site will load faster and get more secure after adding to Cloudflare site.

Next, do you know? Using Free Cloudflare apps, you can enable and disable hundreds of features like Social Media Sharing, GDPR Notification, Hello Bar, etc. For more information, please refer the below video showing how hundreds of work can be done using Cloudflare apps at free of cost and without touching your site coding.

Yes, you even don’t need to touch your site coding or installing any plugin on your blog. These features can be used directly from your Cloudflare account.

#10. Product Page

If you are selling anything on your site or blog then this factor will be applicable to your site. Make sure your product page (the one where the product is available) is well optimized to your rank higher in the search engine.

Unlike other web pages on your site, the product page requires special attention because of less content on it. Only Product Name and Price is enough to rank your site or product. 

Hence, it is very important to add a special and unique description to each product uploaded on your site.

Below, I have mentioned out the few tips for the desinging well-optimized product page.

  1. Make sure you have an option to Zoom Image available on your site
  2. Make sure you have the Social Sharing option available on your product page.
  3. Use well written, long and unique description for each uploaded product.
  4. Include an option for providing more information on uploaded product. This will also help you to optimize your product page for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  5. Installed Cross Selling ( the customers who bought this product, also bought…) option your site.

The Final Words

Designing your site or blog is not an easy job. If you do not designed your site optimally then it will not rank on the first page of the search results and thereby will not gives you the desired results.

If you do not take care of the above-mentioned factors then your site will not give your good conversion rate.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding the above article or any part of it.

But, before that don’t forget to mention what critical factors or killing mistakes you consider while designing your site. We will be very happy to hear from you.

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