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6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Improve Your Website Ranking

No matter what kind of website or blog are you running? If you have started an online website or blog then obviously google first-page ranking will be your ultimate objective. We all know, the best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of the google. Hence, If your website doesn’t rank on the first page then you will not get enough traffic to your site. Hence, in this article, we have shared five simple ways to improve your search engine ranking on Google.

But before starting with the different ways to improve your site ranking, first, you need to make sure your website has been indexed by Google. This is because a well-indexed site is highly optimized for first-page ranking.

You can check your Google Index status in Google Webmaster. Login to your webmaster account and check if there is any crawl error or not?

In case if there is an error in Google Webmaster then the resolve the same immediately. Next,  follows the below-mentioned ways to boost your website ranking in google search.

How To Improve Google Ranking

If you are under the assumption that after reading the below ways you will get better google ranking immediately then you are wrong.

Please remember, improving your Google ranking is a long-term process. It can’t happen immediately. You will require at least one year to see its impact.

In fact, this is the biggest problem of SEO. Since it does not have any immediate impact, you can’t say whether it is helping or hurting your site.

But don’t worry, below we will not share any black hat SEO technique to get ranked on Google. All the below mentioned ways are good and it will definitely not hurt your site.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us discuss these five ways below.

Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords

Theoretically, LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are basically keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword search on the google search engine.

Let us understand this easily using an example.

LSI keywords

LSI keywords

In the above-attached image, you will find that though we have searched for ‘Royalty Free Pictures‘, Google shows me the results related to Images. This is because of LSI keywords.

In simple language, LSI keywords are related keywords. For example, Images and Photos are LSI keywords of Images. Similarly, though you will search for Google Webmaster in Google, it will also show you the results for Google Search Console. This is because they both are interrelated to each other.

LSI keywords are not Synonyms

Here, it is important to note that LSI keywords do not mean ‘Synonyms‘. There is a huge difference between LSI and synonyms keywords.

Let us understand this easily with an example.

LSI Keywords and synonyms difference

LSI Keywords and synonyms difference

In the above-attached image, you will find that though ‘Apple’ is a fruit, it is showing the result for the Apple Company. This is because of LSI keywords.

Why LSI Keywords are Important?

We know you are wondering? How LSI keywords can help you in improving Search Engine Ranking. The answer to your question lies in its importance and needs, which are discussed in below points.

  • LSI keywords help Google to understand the content of the webpage.
  • Next, it helps in eliminating spam websites from its results.

It is because of the LSI keywords, Google can easily identify the natural piece of content. When LSI keywords used along with Long Tail Keywords, it will definitely help in increasing google ranking.

Hence, this is the only reason, Why Google does not rank any site with having particular keywords in it. For example, if you have written a blog post on Health and Fitness and includes one particular keyword say ‘Adverts‘, then it will not rank your site for this particular keywords.

Unless Google does not find the LSI keywords like Free Adverts, Adverts on Tv etc, it will not show your site in its results.

At last, in a very simple language, LSI keywords are related keywords and these keywords help google to understand the overall content.

Hence, it is always advisable to write your article naturally and includes the variety of keywords in your entire article. Using similar logic, it is also very important to build backlinks with different keywords rather one particular keyword.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

The next way to improve SEO ranking free is getting your site ready for mobile. As per one study, In 2018, around 53% of the online traffic was generated through mobile. Next, this number will get further increased in coming years. By 2020, mobile traffic will be more than 70%.

Hence, to prepare for this change, Google is paying more importance to mobile-friendly websites. Now, Google prefers mobile-friendly website over others when users search through their smartphones.

This is why Google came with a project called Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. Using this project, Google is trying to make online web content mobile friendly and trying to load it faster over smartphones.

Of course, Google prefers AMP webpages over others while showing the search results. Hence, if you are using AMP on your site then there are the higher chances that your site will rank higher on google search results.

Is your web page mobile friendly?

Using Google Mobile-Friendly test you can easily find whether your site is mobile friendly or not? To check your site, all you need is your site URL and click on ‘Run Test‘ button.

Page is mobile friendly

The page is mobile friendly

The new Google Webmaster Account will also help you in making your site mobile-friendly. Just log in to your webmaster account and select Mobile Friendly and AMP option from the left navigational menu. Next, it will list out the Google index status of your site on mobile.

Google Webmaster for Mobile Usability

Google Webmaster for Mobile Usability

Check Site Loading Speed

The next way to improve your Google SEO ranking then its Loading speed of your site. Increase your website loading speed to rank your website higher in the google search engine.

To know how to improve your website loading speed, you can refer our articles from below link.

8 Ways To Improve Loading Speed Of Your Online Store
How to Improve Loading Speed of Website?

Confused? The above links do not help you in loading your website faster? No Problem, we have a good solution for you.

How to Choose Free WordPress Theme For Your Site?

Sometimes, it happens. Though you have done everything fine, you may get stuck with an average loading speed of your website.

Initially, even we have faced the same problem. We got stuck with Google Page speed of 70. It was not moving further from 70 out of 100. After doing detailed analysis, we found that it was due to our website theme we are getting an average score.

Hence, we change our website theme and the result was

Achieve 100 Scores on Google Speed Test

Achieve 100 Scores on Google Speed Test

Pro Tip: We know at the initial stage, it is not possible for every blogger to invest money in purchasing the good theme. More than 95% of the users are using free themes for their website or blog.

Hence, assuming you are using a free theme and can’t invest in a paid theme, below we have shared a pro tip for selecting a good theme for your website or blog.

Select a simple theme instead of going for a good looking theme for your site.

Yes, being a beginner you are so enthusiast that always end with a good looking theme with lots of high-quality images and videos. Do you really think, you need this kind of theme? If your answer is ‘No’ then please do use such kind of theme.

Such themes are just only looking good but it consumes more loading time. Hence avoid this kind of free themes.

Have you ever seen a Wikipedia website? A simple website with lots of content on it.

Friendly Speaking, We really don’t like using a magazine theme for our blog. Have you ever seen any successful blog using free magazine theme?

Here, the term ‘Free’ is very important. Yes, many successful bloggers are using this kind of highly optimized WordPress theme but they are paid version. Whereas you are looking for a free theme and just to follow them you start using the wrong theme for your blog.

Instead, select a very simple theme for your blog. Initially, we strongly recommend not to focus on the look of your website. Instead, focus on writing good highly optimized content on your site.

Once your blog gets successful, you can invest in a paid theme and can change the look of your blog as per your requirement.

To understand better, just check out the below two attached images. Of course, the first website looks simple as compared to the second one. But, do you know the first snapshot is of the famous blogger called Nile Patel whereas the second snapshot is of beginner blog.

So, just think twice before using any free theme for your blog. Selecting a good theme will surely have a good impact on the loading speed of your site.

Use Long Tail Keywords In Your Content

The next way to improve your SEO ranking is using Long Tail Keywords in your content. This is because it is easy to rank for long tail keywords rather than small keyword.

Long Tail Keywords meaning is simple. As the name suggests these keywords are those keywords which are formed using three or more phrases together.

Let us understand this with an example.

Just imagine, if someone asks you, out of two keywords say ‘How to Improve Your Website Ranking’ and ‘Website Ranking’, which one is easier to rank than what will be your answer?

Of course, you will say the first keyword. Why? Because the more specific keyword is the easier it is to rank your site using that keyword.

Hence, it is always advisable to use long tail keywords to improve your site ranking in Google search engine.

You can use various tools available online for long tail keyword research. Check out the below article to find long tail keywords using Google Adword.

How to research long tail keywords?

Hence, always use long tail keywords in your content to rank higher on google search engine.

Use On-Page SEO Techniques

The next way in our list is using On Page SEO techniques on your site. On Page, Optimisation includes everything that appears on your webpage at the time of writing an article like Keyword Research, Title of the Article, Internal Linking etc. It includes both content and HTML code which can be optimized on your website itself.

Unlike Of Page Optimization, it is done on your website itself. Whereas Off page optimization is done on someone else website like creating backlinks etc.

You need to optimize your On-Page factors properly at the time of writing the article itself. This is because the way your page is optimized has a huge impact on its ability to rank. Check out this article for SEO On Page techniques for your website.

Write a Long Post say for 1000 words

The last but the most important way to rank your site on google first page is to write a long post. This is because the more you write the more keywords you will use. Hence, there are the chances that your article will rank for more than one keyword in it.

Next, Google also loves the long detailed article as compared to a small one.

According to one study, longer content gains higher search result than small content.

Correlation Between Words Count and Website Ranking

This is what we found when we searched for a particular keyword ‘rank your website on the first page of the google‘ on Google.

Content and Website Ranking Relation

Content and Website Ranking Relation

Based on our search result we found that the number of word counts plays an important role in website ranking. Hence, large the number of words the higher the chances that your article will rank on the first position of the search result.

In the above-attached image, it is clearly seen that the website ranking on the first page consists more words than the second one and so on.

Wrapping Up

Once you implemented the above technique, we are sure your site will start ranking higher in search engine results.

Please note, in the above article, we have discussed only those simple way which are practically and easily possible. Besides these, there are many other factors which will impact your site’s ranking like a number of backlinks, social media sharing etc.

But, we have not discussed those techniques here because we believe that once your site grows these all the things will happen naturally.

If you have good content on your site then obviously other will automatically start sharing and linking back to your site. Hence, over the time, this will happen naturally.

But, in case, if you are worried about it then you can start focusing on it from today itself. To learn how to build backlinks please follows the steps given at this link.

Please do not forget to share your valuable feedback on our article in below comment box. Next, if you find any difficulties in understanding any of the above content then please feel free to contact us.

At last, What technique do you use to rank your site in Google search engine? Please do share with us in below comment box. Next, if you think we forget to mention any important technique here then please share with us. We will be happy to include your suggestion on our list.

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