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How Duplicate Content impact your Website?

How Duplicate Content impact your Website

Duplicate Content‘ refers to the same content on the same or across the domain. In the context of Search Engine, each URL is a different page for the search engine. Though below URLs redirect to the same page, both are different for the search engine database.


Of course, both the URL will get redirect to the same content but this will lead to duplicate content for Search Engine.

In the simple language, it refers to a web page with the same content, meta description or any other elements. Remember, Duplicate Content is different from Spam Content. In Spam, you will have the same content in more than hundreds of web pages. Creating Spam content is harmful to your website. Even you may get banned from search engine indexing.

How it impacts your Website?

  • Search Engine will get confused, which URL to include or exclude from search engine result.
  • May omit your website from a search result
  • Online Plagiarism Problem

Myths About Duplicate Content

Non-Original Content on Your Site Will Hurt Your Rankings across Your Domain

It is just a myth. Of course, it may impact your website but will not ruin your website ranking. For more detail, refer attached Ppt Presentation

How to Deal with It?

If you don’t want duplicate content on your domain, then you can follow the below steps

  • Use of canonical tag
  • Avoid Indexing of Multiple URL like Category and Tag page of the website
  • Create Original Content. You can check the originality using online Plagiarism  Checker

What is the Best Option?

Though it does not hurt your ranking we suggest not to show the duplicate content of your website. It is better to be on the safe side. At least, it will keep your website neat and clean and only relevant links will be shown in the search result. Further, it will also help your website in getting organic traffic. Let us understand this with an example:

Yesterday, we shared the attached Ppt Presentation on SlideShare. After sharing the same, when we did the google search for the keyword ‘How Duplicate Content impact your Website’, we got the below result.

Duplicate content on your website impact SEO

Duplicate content on your website impact SEO

So, your visitor will visit SlideShare and will left directly from theirs. Your website will not get organic traffic.

So, duplicate content may steal your traffic but do not hurt your website. You can share your content with worry. Google will not penalize you for the duplicate content unless you are not spamming the internet with lots of duplicate content created within an hour.

How to avoid this Problem?

Yes, you can avoid this problem, by sharing a short summary of your article. Instead of sharing an entire article, do share the small summary with a link back to your website. So that visitor will visit your website for the complete article.

Further, you can also share the same summary on more than one website. It will not impact your website. This is discussed in detail in the attached Ppt Presentation.

Ppt Presentation on Duplicate Content and PDF download on Duplicate Content

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