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Increase Organic Traffic On Your Website Now

What will you do, if you want to find something online? Of course, you will open the search engine and search for the same. Right? This traffic is known as Organic Traffic for your site.

But, have you ever wonder? Why did you use the search engine? Instead, you can also visit the website directly using its address.

I know, practically it’s not possible. Without the help of a search engine, you can’t find the correct website.

According to Netcraft study, there are more than 1.8 billion websites available online. Now, for a  human being, it is not possible to go and check each and every website available online. Instead, you will use a search engine to do this work on your behalf. Search Engine will provide you the list of websites related to your search query.

Hence, you can visit those websites and find the required information easily.

Today, almost every online users are using these search engines to find anything online. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the household names ofthe search engine.

Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine

Does this mean? If your site is not indexed in the search engine then it will not get any visits?

To a certain extent, Yes. If your site is not appeariing in the search engine then it will not get enough visits. Though you can use other techiques like Social Media Sharing, Search Engines still rule the market.

No one will visit any social media site to find anything online. Have you ever opened Facebook to find anything online? Of course Not.

Have your ever wondered? Why? This is because, we have a search engine built for it not the social networking sites.

So, if you want to find anything online then Search Engine is the only way to find it.

Now, if you want to ensure that when people look for a product or service like yours, they find you and not a competitor then you need to rank higher in these search engines. You need to ensure  your site is getting more organic traffic then other any other sources.

Remember, you can drive users to your site using paid service but these traffic will not be sustainable. It will be temporary. You will stop receiving the traffic, once you stopped your paid campaign.

Free Organic Traffic

The only way to get sustainable and free traffic is ‘Organic Search‘.  When a users visit your site using a search engine, it is said to be Organic traffic for your site. These direct traffic are not only available for free but also boost the performance of your site and the business.

Trust me, your sales will touch the skylimit, if your business start receiving organic traffic on your website.

But, a question may arise? How to get organic traffic to your site?

It is said that- ‘the best place to hide dead bodies is the second page of the search results’. Next, there are only 10 websites which can be listed on the first page of the Google.

So, in this case, how will you ensure your site will get free organic traffic?

Don’t know? No problem. Here, in this article, we will teach you how to get organic traffic on your site or blog? Next, we will also suggest the best way to increase or improve the organic traffic.

But, before starting with the article, let us first understand, Why Organic Traffic is still better than any other source of traffic?

Note: Please do not buy any organic traffic generation service for your site. The paid service will only provides temporary traffic to your site. These traffic are for the tempopary period and not sustainable. You will not get any leads from this kind of traffic.

Why Organic SEO Traffic Is Important?

There are many different ways to attract free traffic to a website. For example, Social Media Sharing, Email Marketing etc. But, organic traffic still rule the market.

With shrinking listing and below the fold content, Organic Search is still very important for any website. Here, we have shared the top reasons why search engine traffic is still rocking?

Available For Free

This is the first and the most important benefit of getting organic traffic to your site. The search engines are available for free- for both the users and the website owners.

The users can search for anything online using a search engine and the website owner can add their site to the search engine at free of cost.

There is no hidden cost invovled in it.

Relevant Traffic

Unlike other source of traffic, the search engine send the most relevant traffic to your site. This is because, the search engine only shows the list of relevant websites (based on search query) to you.

For example, If you search online using the keyword ‘How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue?‘. The search engine will only show the list of website or blog which are related to ‘Google Adsense Revenue‘. It will exclude all other website from the list.

Hence, if your site is related to cooking then it will send only cooking related traffic to your site.

Regular and Engaged Users

This is the most apparent benefits of getting organic traffic. If your site is ranking for a relevant keywords then it will appear in all search results related to that particular keywords.

Hence, your site will start appearing frequently and you will start receiving more number of visits on it. Next, the search engine will open the door of traffic to your site and you will get new leads and customers.

In the case of organic traffic, you will not find any user who visit your site and left immediately. Unlike other source of traffic, users who visit your site using a search engine get more engaged with your site.

This is because, when a user visit your site through a search engine, it means your site would be present in the search results.

Now, if a users find anything related to their interest or search query then of course they will get engaged with you easily.

Hence, organic search bring more engaged and regular users to your site.

The above all are the various reasons why Organic traffic is still rocking and important for your site.

How To Increase Organic Traffic

Now, a question may arise? How to increase the organic traffic? What all are the actionable tricks and tips for increasing it?

To get this answer. Please read the complete article below. Below, we have shared the best SEO techniques and strategies to increase organic traffic.

Increase Organic Traffic on Your site

Increase Organic Traffic on Your site

Note: The below answer is written, asssuming you owned a blog or website with a blog installed on it.

Write A Long Content Which Includes More Than 3000 Words

This is the first and the most important tips to increase organic search traffic on your site.

A long blog post will include more number of keywords in it and thereby it will rank higher for more number of keywords in the search engine.

Next, it is obvious. If it ranks higher for more number of keywords then you will get more traffic on your site.

In simple words, long content means more opporunities to rank higher in the search results.

Do Proper Keywords Research Before Writing the Blog Post

Keyword Research is very important if you want to rank your site on the first page of the search results.

Keyword Research is a process to find the list of popular keywords that users used in a search engine.

If you get the list of these keywords then you can easily rank your site for the relevant keywords and thereby rank your blog posts on the first page of the search results.

Always remember, different professionals, use different methodology to do keyword research. If you don’t know how to do the keyword research then please read the below articles.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords using Google AdWords?

A Complete Guide To Keyword Research and Analysis

5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Pro Tips: It is always advisable to use Long Tail and LSI keywords in your content. These keywords has higher chances of getting rank in the search engines.

Optimize Your Website Through Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using only popular and relevant keywords will not help you to rank your site on the first page. If your website is not optimized for the search engine then it will not appear higher in the search results and thereby it will not receive organic traffic on the website.

Hence, it is very important to optimize your website for the various search engine to get organic traffic on the website. To learn how to do SEO, please check these articles.

Get In Touch With Effective SEO Strategies In 2018

Get In Touch With Effective SEO Strategies In 2018

Include Schema Structural Markup Code On Your Website

Do you know? Adding Schema Markup to your site can actually improve the website position in the search results?

Schema Markup

Schema Markup

My article moved to the first page from third, after adding ‘Review Schema’ to it. Yes, you heard it correctly. My website ranking got improved after using schema on my website.

You will start observing these difference immediately after adding schema to your site. All you need to do is add schema to your site and use webmaster account to force the search engine to recrawl and indexed your site once again.

I have used Google Webmaster and it’s URL inspection tools to immediately indexed new schema type added to the website. Trust me, it worked like a charm

Unlike a normal website, the site with schema markup code has more chances to rank higher in the search results.

Wrapping Up

The above all are the various ways to improve organic traffic on your site. If you implement them properly then it will surely boost your site performance.

At last, if you face any problem in getting organic traffic to your site then feel free to contact us. You can share your message in the below comment box.

Next, if you are using any other method to get organic traffic, then please do not forget to share them with us. Please share your methodology to drive organic traffic on your site. We will be happy to hear from you.

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