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How Realtors Effective Leverage Marketing When Selling a Home


When you’re planning on selling your home, you likely want to earn a high profit and make as much money as possible on the transition.

Many people try to sell their home without the help of a professional as a way of saving more money.

Effectively Leverage Marketing

Unfortunately, it can be easy for the house to sit on the market for longer than you expect if you don’t have access to the realtor’s services.

There are a few important ways the agent will effectively leverage marketing when selling your home to ensure you can have a smoother and more successful process.

1. List it on Your State’s MLS

First and foremost, your listing should be included on your state’s MLS.

Sellers don’t have access to the MLS, which gives realtors the advantage. Brokers often spend time on the MLS to discover new listings, which can boost the exposure of your property and make it easier to sell.

MLS systems have hundreds of fields of information to ensure real estate professionals can obtain more data than they would from standard listings that can be viewed by the public.

It’s a free search and can help the real estate transaction to be quicker and more efficient.

2. Social/Digital Marketing

Social marketing is one of the most effective ways you will increase the exposure of your property in the local area.

You can create social media posts about your listing, which can make it easy for thousands of buyers or other agents to learn about it.

You may also create a website for your home to have a place to post high-resolution photos, nearby attractions, and all of the details about the property.

Another option is to use Instagram to post photos and the main details of your listing to entice people to reach out.

A virtual tour is another way to leverage social media and marketing to give potential buyers a look inside that home.

Virtual tours can attract more attention because they’re engaging and offer a better look inside the property rather than just relying on photos.

Plus, for buyers who live in markets with extreme temperatures, such as Buffalo, New York in December or real estate buyers in Scottsdale, Arizona during the summer, virtual tours are great for being able to explore a listing without leaving home.

Smart Realtors also make use of storytelling when creating posts on Facebook or Instagram to draw more attention to the listing.

They can turn bland details into an interesting listing that allows buyers to envision themselves living in the house, which can entice them to schedule a tour.

Their storytelling techniques will make the property stand out amongst similar homes in the area.

Also, don’t be afraid to use pay-per-click ads, which are often an affordable way to market because you only pay for the advertisement when someone clicks on it.

The ads can work as another way of getting the word out in the industry about your home for sale.

3. Engage in Networking

Networking is an important part of being an agent, but the effort pays off.

By networking, you’ll immediately be connected to different people and can have peace of mind knowing they’ll live up to your expectations.

Realtors are known for networking in their profession, which means they have contacts with people with proven track records in the industry.

They may also have clients who are potential buyers and are looking for a home similar to what you’re selling.

It can be easier finding the right buyer if a fellow agent is currently working with a lot of clients who are in the market for a new home.

4. Prep the Home like a Pro

The professional is aware of what’s in demand among buyers and what features can turn them away due to their experience.

It’s important to recommend that the homeowner removes any personal items that they have on display, whether it’s family photos in the hallway or monogrammed towels in the bathroom.

You should also suggest staging the home to ensure the interior setting looks contemporary and updated. Taking these steps to take to show off the potential of the home to ensure buyers can envision themselves living there will improve potential offers.

Lastly, help you boost the curb appeal of your client’s home’s exterior by suggesting you install new address numbers or a welcome mat to ensure the space looks more updated and maintained.

Knowledgeable Realtors also understand the importance of repairs and can market your home better by advertising the excellent condition it’s in.

Don’t be afraid to urge them to repair some missing shingles on the roof or minor cracks in the driveway to boost the appeal and value of the house.

5. Pay Attention to Time on Market

As a real estate agent, you should be knowledgeable about the current state of the market and the area where you’re selling your home.

If the home is priced right in a hot buyers’ market, and the phone isn’t ringing, be sure to assess how the home stacks up to others in the area that recently sold.

6. Knowledge of Market Prices

The best real estate agents effectively leverage marketing when selling a home by knowing the optimal listing price that will attract buyers.

This will ensure you have enough wiggle room to negotiate with potential buyers while still making it competitive on the market.

It can be easy to price your home too high because your emotions are involved, and you have an attachment to the property because of the memories you’ve made there.

Your agent can be your voice of reason and guide you in the right direction to ensure you sell it for more money and avoid turning off potential buyers.


Becoming an expert marketer in real estate doesn’t happen overnight, but by taking the necessary actions, over time, your skills will improve. Each of the above steps combined will maximize your opportunity to sell your listing fast, and for the best possible price.

Not only will this help you generate income, it will also serve as a benchmark that will attract other clients in the future.

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