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How To Use Twitter To Improve Your Google Search Visibility

How To Use Twitter Social Networking Site To Improve Your Google Search Visibility

Do you know? Keywords research, link building, and publishing great blog posts are not only ways to optimize your content and rank higher in the search engine. Besides these, Social media optimization is another best way to improve your Google search visibility.

Now, when we talk about Social Media optimization, how can we forget Twitter, one of the best social networking site?

I am sure, you’re definitely using Twitter for promoting your content and increase your Google search presence.

Here, in this article, I will show you how to leverage Twitter account for better search visiblity.

Leverage Twitter to Increase Your Google Search Visibility

When it comes to improving Google Search visibility, Twitter must be your first choice. This is because, Google and Twitter have a strong partnership with each other. Google index the tweets on Twitter and stream them directly in the search results on the first page.

Next, the below article will share the best ways to boost your search presence with Twitter.

#1. Google stream Tweets in the search results

As mentioned earlier in this article, there is strong partnership between Google and Twitter.

Twitter allows Google to index their tweets easily and thereby stream them directly in the search results.

These results are shown by cards in the carousel format. Something like this.

Tweets in the Google Search Engine

The above carousel appears on the first page of the Google Search results when I searched for ICAI in the Google search box.

This can be extremely beneficial if you want to build loyalty and reputation for your business.

Next, this will also helps you to control the search engine results. Through these tweets, you can decide what you wants to show in the search results when someone search for your brand or business.

#2. Optimize Twitter Carousels

It is very important to optimize twitter carousels, to make best out of it.

Of course, there are many tactics to optimize carousels, even some of them are mentioned below.

a) Use of relevant Hashtags

This is the first and the most important tactics to leverage your twitter carousels.

By using the proper and relevant hashtags, you have the chance to show your tweets in the search results.

For more information and clarification, please refer to below attached image.

Use Hashtags in your Tweets

Yes, hashtags will give you chance to show your tweets in the search results directly.

b) Be active on Twitter

This is another optimization tactics to improve your search engine visibility.

If you see the above-attached image (under the ‘Hashtag’ heading), you will observe that only three tweets are shown in the search results. Of which, the third tweet was published 17 hours back.

It means, your tweets will not appear here in the search results if it is published 17 hours.

Now, just imagine. If you’re not active on your Twitter account or else publish only one tweet per day, how can you leverage the benefit of showing your tweets in Google search results?

Hence, it is very important to stay active on Twitter and keep tweeting at regular intervals.

Of course, you need to ensure, you are not overdoing this.

c) Encourage your team members or employees to share

It is not only the brand or business for which twitter carousels are appearing. It can also appear for an individual twitter account as well.

Please refer to below image for more information.

Individual Twitter Carousel

d) Social Media Automation

Social Media automation is another best way to leverage your Twitter account.

I know being occupied on a blog, it is not possible for anyone to stay active on twitter as well.

Here, the role of automation comes.

I strongly advise you to automate your social media activities and focus on your blog only.

Through social media automation, you can automatically share your content on various social media sites including Twitter.

Further, it also allows you to scheduled your tweets and published it at a regular period.

I strongly suggest IFTTT here. Through IFTTT ( If this then that), you can easily automate your social activities for free.

e) Re-share your ever green content

Optimizing Twitter account includes more than simply sharing the content the day or week that it’s published.

Besides these, you also need to share your evergreen content once a month or year.

It’s OK, to re-share the content more than one time on your Twitter account. In fact, I suggest to re-share all your blog posts by more than one time.

#3. Do Keyword Research before sharing the content

If I ask you What is the most important factor to rank your blog posts higher in the search engine? What will be your answer?

Of course, your answer will be ‘Keyword Research‘.

The same logic apply here. Like while writing the blog post, you do the keyword research, similarly, you must also do the research while sharing the content on social networking sites.

The reason behind this is simple. A well written and optimize content will gain more visibility than others.

#4. Optimize your Twitter Bio

Last but not least, the another tactics is to optimize your twitter bio.

Assuming, your twitter profile always shown in the search results (on first page of the search engine), it is very important to optimize your twitter bio.

Its your bio, which will inform online users about your business and service provided.

Remember, the first impression is the last impression and it is your twitter bio which online users will see before visiting your site or blog.

Over to You

Remember, there are many ways to leverage Twitter account for better visibility in the search engine. Above all, are the few most important of them.

Since, Google has a very strong partnership with the Twitter and directly stream its tweet on the first page, there is a higher possibility that Google may use Twitter data as an Ranking factor.

At, please do not forget to share your thoughts with us. Does Google consider Twitter data as a ranking factor? Please share your answers in below comment box.

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