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How To Get 50000 Page views in One Month: Increase Website Traffic For Free

No matter, what kind of website or blog you own? If it is not getting enough traffic then it is just a waste of time. Web Traffic is one of the most important factors in making money online. In fact, it is directly related to it. The more page views you will get, the more money you will make.

Yes, this is true. If you get more number of page views then you will earn more money online. But, a question may arise, how to get more page views? If you’re wondering for the same question then this article is for you.

Hereby, in this article, I will share my strategies to get 50,000 page views per months. Below, you will find good actionable tips to increase page views of your blog or website.

The below article is based on my real experience for increasing traffic on my online store called ‘EmbroideryShristi‘.

But before starting the article, let us first have a brief introduction of EmbroideryShristi Store.

Background of EmbroideryShristi Store

EmbroideryShristi (started in 2011) is an online store selling Machine Embroidery Designs online. Currently, as on date, it has more than 10000 customers across the world. Next, it is selling embroidery designs in more than 80 countries like USA, Australia, Netherland, Ireland, France, Israel, India, Srilanka, Pakistan, UK, Europe, Argentina, etc.

Currently, EmbroideryShristi is getting more than 50,000 page views per month. Out of these, around 62% of the views are from the USA. The below-attached snapshot is an example of the same.

Audience Data of EmbroideryShristi through Google Analytic

Audience Data of EmbroideryShristi through Google Analytic

Do you know? Till date, I have not to spend a single penny on the advertisement. I didn’t run any kind of advertisements or promotion online to attract users on my store. This traffic is a result of my hard work and it has been achieved using free means.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website 2019

If you want to know how to increase website traffic for free, then please read out the below article.

Trust me, if you follow the below strategy then you can increase your website traffic for free and fast. The below tips will increase the traffic instantly on your website.

So, What are we waiting for? Let us discuss the strategies below.

#1 Increase Traffic Using Pinterest

This is what the first thing I did to my online store. I created an account on Pinterest and start pinning images of my embroidery designs on it.

Trust me, the results were shocking. Within a week, I started getting traffic to my store from Pinterest. Today, Pinterest contributes around 18% of my total Social Media traffic.

Pinterest contribution to increase website traffic

Pinterest contribution to increasing website traffic

I know, many of you are wondering? Based on the above-attached snapshot, though Facebook is performing well than Pinterest, Why do I still prefer Pinterest over facebook to increase my website traffic?

This is because of the two reasons mentioned below.

  1. Pinterest works well when it comes to visual content. At EmbroideryShristi, I am selling Embroidery Designs online. This involves lots of visual content to showcase beautifully designs. Hence, Pinterest works well and has a better conversion rate.
  2. My Pinterest Account is on automatic mode. It is contributing 18% of the social traffic without doing anything. Yes, I am not doing anything special on Pinterest. Whenever I add a new design on my store, it gets automatically added on my Pinterest account.

Hence, Pinterest is worth sharing here in this article.

#2 Golden List For Email Newsletters

The next strategy which I followed to increase traffic on my website instantly is sending ‘Email Newsletters‘.

No matter, how advanced digital marketing has become, even today, the email newsletter work like a charm.

I am sending one email newsletter per week and its work like superb. On every one newsletter, I am getting 3000 to 4000 page views on my website.

Next, some of these customers also placed an order on my store. This is an additional benefit that I receive on sending the newsletter.

We are using Phplist to send free email newsletters every week.

PhpList Dashboard

PhpList Dashboard

#3 Offer Freebies To Your Customers

The next strategy in the list is ‘Offering Freebies‘. We started offering free machine embroidery designs every day. This design will be free for the next 24 hours and thereby it will become paid.

Hence, if any customers want to get these free designs then he or she needs to visit my store every day.

Freebies to increase website traffic

Freebies to increase website traffic

In this way, every day, hundreds of users visit my store and there are more than 1000 page views.

Note: If you don’t own any product to offer for free then instead of product you can also offer a free ebook or any other giveaways to drive traffic to your website or store.

Wrapping Up

Above all, are the three strategies I used for increasing traffic on my online store. Based on these strategies, today, I am receiving high-quality traffic from western countries.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding this article or increasing website traffic on your website. We will be happy to help you to drive high-quality traffic on your website.

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  1. I think your tips are helpful but these are not different than what other bloggers routinely mention. Please aware us with some new workable strategies that can help us to attract more traffic. Your style is really fantastic and easily understandable.

    1. Love U Marketing

      Thank You for appreciating my writing style and I will keep a note of your suggestion while writing my next article. But for new tips and advice, I will need personalized question and queries from you all guys. If you are facing any problem then please do let us know. I will try my best to help you by sharing new workable strategies.

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