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How To Index Backlinks Faster [100% Working Methods]

Index Backlinks

It’s a known fact that if you want to rank higher in the search engine then you will require a good number of quality backlinks for your website. But what if your backlinks do not get indexed? In this case, your backlinks will be of no use. If search engine like Google is not aware of your backlinks then it will not improve your website performance. Hence, get backlinks indexed is as important as
Now, a question may arise, How to Index Backlinks in Search Engines? They are created on someone else website and you don’t have any control over it. In this case, how can you ensure that your backlinks will get indexed in the search engines?

To get this answer, please refer the below article completely. Below, we have shared a complete guide on getting your backlinks indexed 100% of times successfully.

Index Backlinks Free

Before starting with the article, it is very important that you should know how to check if backlinks are indexed or not?

There are two methods to check this. First,  through manual search and Second through free index checker.

In the first method, you need to do a manual search to find whether the given backlink is indexed or not?

The general syntax to perform a site-specific search for a particular keyword is Keyword site: This syntax will search the specific keywords on a specific website ( as shown in below image)

Site Specific Search

Site Specific Search

In the second method, an online tool will help you to check whether the particular backlink is indexed or not?

Link Index Checker

Link Index Checker

How To Index The Backlink?

Your backlinks are not indexed in the search engine, don’t worry, the below methods will help you to get your backlinks indexed. You can use any one of them or all of them to get your backlinks indexed fastly.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us discuss these methods in detail below.

Let It Happen

As the name suggests, in this method you don’t need to do anything. After building backlink, just wait and let the search engines index your backlinks themselves.

This is the best method for quality backlinks. This is because your quality backlinks will definitely get indexed by the search engines.

But what if, due to some reason your backlink does not get indexed?  You can’t wait for forever. In this case, you can use other methods to get it indexed immediately.

Ping Your Backlinks

Ping websites are one kind of online service that will submit your given URL to several search engines, directories and some other places. For Example, Pingomatic

This is the best method if you want to get your backlinks indexed immediately. Just ping your website and sit back to see the magic.

Ping Websites

Ping Websites

After sending pings, wait for 24 hours and then check once again. Your backlinks will be definetly got indexed now.

Web 2.0 Service

Have you ever heard the terms like Blogspots, WordPress.Com, Weebly, Google Sites etc. Do you know, these all websites are using Web2.0 service. Basically, Web 2.0 are third party website which allows you to create new website on their site.

Hence, you can create your own website using Web 2.0 service and build backlinks on it.

The same method will be used for indexing your backlinks. The only change here will be- Instead of creating backlinks for your site, you can create backlinks for your backlink.

Confused? Just refer the below image for clarification.

Backlink using Web 2.0

Backlink using Web 2.0

In the above attached image, you will find a backlink created using a  keyword ‘Google AdSense Approval Tricks‘.

Next, create a sitemap for this blog and submit it on Google Webmaster. This will force search engine to follow your backlinks using your blog.

In simple words, search engine will follow this backlinks while crawling to your website.

That’s it. The above methods will indexed your backlinks within 24 hours. Once your backlinks get index, you will see the magic in your ranking.

Over to You

Today, building backlinks are not enough for ranking your website on the first page. Besides building backlinks, it is also important to get those backlinks indexed.

You can use any of the above methods or all of the above methods to get your backlinks indexed on various search engines. Next, if you face any problem in using any of the above methods then you can contact us through below comment box.

Further, if you think we have missed out any important point to discuss or any method to get backlinks indexed then please do share with others.

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