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Google Adsense Approval Trick [100% Working]

    Google AdSense Approval Trick

    Google Adsense is one of the best ad networks for monetizing your blog or website online. For every blogger, it’s a dream to get free Google Adsense account and make money from it. If you’re planning to apply for Google Adsense approval then this article is for you. Here, in this article, we will share Google Adsense Approval Trick to get Adsense account approved instantly.

    If you are under the assumption that you will get the Adsense account approved easily once you start the blog then you are wrong. Opening a  Google Adsense account is easier said than done. It has its own set of policies for approving Adsense account. If your blog does not follow any of its policy then they will reject your request.

    Google is very strict about approving Adsense account. More than 80% of the blogs get rejected on their first request.

    Hence, it is very difficult to get AdSense approval for your blog. If not planned properly then it might be also possible that you will not get approval at all.

    Google Adsense Approval Trick

    Below we are sharing a complete guide to get the Google Adsense Website Approval instantly. Follow these tips top get Google Adsense website approval easily.

    Note: Here, the term blog and website are  interchangeable. Google AdSense approval process is the same for both blog and website.

    Purchase Custom Domain Name

    This is the first and the most important factor for getting Google AdSense website approval. If you want to get the Adsense approval easily then purchase the custom domain name. Here, by custom domain, we mean purchase your domain address rather than starting a blog on other’s sub domain like Blogger, Webs etc.

    Without a free domain, there is a lower chance that your request will get approved. Even though if it approved then you will get a hosted account with certain limitations.

    Actually, Google does not love free hosted websites. This is because, on free platforms, anyone can start the blog. Next, such bloggers are not serious about their blogs and they exist at any point in time. Whereas, if a person purchases a custom domain then it means he is serious for his blog.

    Do you know? More than 80% of the free sites get closed within its first six months. Next, since anyone can start a free blog immediately, more than 50% of the blogs are not quality in nature.

    If Google, start accepting all these requests then it will be not justifiable. Hence, Google gives more importance to the custom website rather than free hosted sites.

    Solutions:  Request you to purchase a custom domain. It is available at a very cheap. You can purchase a custom domain at Rs. 99 only.

    Design Your New Blog

    After starting the new self-hosted blog the next step involved is website designing. First, add a good title and description to your blog. Second, though it is not mandatory to add logo and favicon to your blog, still it is always advisable to add it.

    Four Important Pages

    Next, create four important pages say About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Contact Us on your new blog.  These four pages will create an impression that you are professional and thereby improve your trustworthiness.

    Hence, these four pages are must before applying to Google AdSense if you want to get accepted.

    Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content

    Add a few contents on your new blog. Google does not approve the blog with insufficient contents. It is always advisable that you write few articles says 30 to 50 articles before applying for the Google AdSense approval.

    Next, do not use any unacceptable content on your site. Here, the term Unacceptable means any Gambl*ng, Po*n and Copyrighted related content on the site. Please do not use these kinds of content on your blog. Google do not approve such blogs or websites.

    Minimum SiX Months

    In developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Google does not approve the site younger than six months. Hence, if you are from developing countries then you need to wait for at least six months before applying for the Google AdSense approval.

    Other Ad Networks

    If you want to get Google Adsense approval instantly, then remove the other ad networks from the blog.

    Though Google allows you to use other ad networks along with Adsense, it is always advisable to remove the ads before applying for Adsense account and do not add it back till you receive the approved Adsense account.

    Once you receive the approved account, you can start using other ad networks on your blog. But, remember, use it with proper care. Make sure the other ad networks do not violate any Adsense policy.

    Check Your Web Traffic

    Though web traffic has nothing to do with the Google AdSense approval, still we thought it important to discuss this here.

    As mentioned earlier in this article, in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc, Google Adsense does not approve the blog younger than 6 months. Hence, you need to wait for six months before applying for the Google AdSense approval.

    Next, if you are working on your site for 6 months then it is obvious that your blog should receive some amount of traffic from various sources. Here, by traffic, it does not mean you should receive lakhs of page views per day. But instead, you should have least hundreds of page views on your blog after six months.

    Solution: If you are worried about getting web traffic on your new blog then please refer How to Get Traffic To Your New Blog?

    No Cheating Please

    If you really want to get an approved AdSense account then don’t ever think of doing cheating. Just for the sake of getting hundreds of page views, please do not keep visiting your own blog.

    Trust me, web traffic is not so important for getting Adsense approval. Don’t get highlighted by visiting your own blog. Google can easily find you through your IP address and other available information.

    Similarly, do not get involved in any kind of activity that can reject your application for the Google AdSense approval. After applying for the Adsense account, just wait. Everything work fine and Google do not find any suspicious activity on your site, they will approve your request.

    Remember, Google doesn’t like any kind of suspicious activity before and after getting AdSense approval.

    That’s it. If you follow above-mentioned tips than your blog will definitely get approved in the first attempt.

    Over to You

    If planned properly before applying for the Adsense approval then you can definitely get the approval immediately. Remember, Google AdSense manually approve the website, hence, it is not possible to cheat them. All you can do is work hard on your blog so that it looks trustworthy. Google only approves those websites or blog which are unique and have the intention to add some extra value to the users. So, Google AdSense is not for those users who just want to give a try to it. If you are looking for the long-term and really wants to make money from Google AdSense then it is open for you.

    At last, if you tired of getting rejected from Google AdSense and looking for a way to get Adsense approval then please follows above tips. You can also contact us if you need any help from our side. Just comment your questions below and we will be happy to help you.

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    1. Is there anyway that someone could take a look at my page and see what I need to fix? I have researched and put countless hours of work into my website and I am constantly rejected by google. I have the traffic, Im just at a loss right now.

    2. My website didn’t get approval I tried 3 times. It shows Valuable inventory: Scraped content All content is written by myself. Can you please please help me.

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