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Letter from Bharat- Khaat Aaya Hai

Swachh Bharat

A beautiful video on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Really heart touching video titled “Letter from Bharat

  • In this video a sweeper, named Mohandada sweeps the streets with a smiling face without getting frustrated.
  • Then, he decide to change the scenario with the help of his postman friend to make people responsible.

To know how he managed to make the people responsible, please check out the full video below.

Really a good initiative by the Swachh Bharat.In this video, the word used in the letter is brilliant.

The ad beautifully takes the help of post card which is now forgotten completely. Further, the letter was delivered to all kind of people starting from housewife to young man, which in itself consider the diverse culture of India.

Amazing initiative, All the Best Bharat.

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