Samsung India Service-We will Take Care of You, Wherever You Are

samsung customer service ad
samsung customer service ad

Samsung India has launched a new ad campaign in India which directed toward providing customer service in remote area.

It has launched the campaign under the tagline “We will Take Care of You, Wherever You Are.”

  • The ad start with a customer in the Himalayas calls for help fixing her TV.
  • Then, a young Samsung engineer travels to reach her, encountering various obstacles like broken tree,bridge etc.
  • Finally, he managed to reach to her on time and got surprised.Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the surprise here.

This new ad of Samsung underlines the Samsung’s vision of providing lost lasting relationship with its customer on time, no matter wherever they are.

The ad launched with a hashtag #SamsungService, which help in tracking the its statistics over social media.From marketing point of view it is really good idea to launch the campaign with a hashtag.

Further, in this ad, Samsung tried to target the rural India customer living in remote area. This campaign gives a glimpse of Samsung commitment toward its customer service.

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