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5 Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Company’s Brand Awareness


More brands now are maximizing the Internet (besides offline strategies) to spread the word about their enterprise (Brand Awareness) 

With this tight competition in a vast virtual marketplace, will your business stick out — or will rivals drown you out with their bombastic marketing?

Don’t let rivals steal your limelight and customers. Check out these five marketing strategies to boost your brand awareness and keep standing out:

1. Host virtual summits and conferences

Virtual summits and conferences offer several opportunities to widen your brand awareness. 

Before we explore ways to maximize them for brand awareness, let me explain the difference between a summit versus a conference.

Summits are more industry-specific. They aim to resolve relevant issues or develop actionable ideas toward solving that problem. 

Conversely, conferences can involve various audience types — whether from industries, particular groups, or other demographics. They typically lean toward discussing ideas rather than solving problems.

Use either to widen your company’s reach and brand awareness. Here’s how:

a) Invite already prominent speakers to join the discussion

Once they agree, announce their presence on different platforms. They can then share your content with their networks and invite them to sign up. 

This action gives people opportunities to attend, reshare the message, and even subscribe to your brand. As a result, you grow your following, including traffic and engagement.

b) Showcase your company’s merchandise

During your virtual event, sell or give away branded items. Additionally, exhibit some merchandise by your speakers and partners.

c) Execute interactive post-event actions

After successfully hosting these events, send thank-you messages and publish snippets of what happened.

Show how much the attendees loved your event and what other people missed. Use that to attract new audiences and invite them to stay tuned for your updates.

2. Elevate your customer support

Brands with awesome customer service immensely impress and satisfy their buyers. The result? They stand out more brightly than their competitors. Shoppers also share their positive experiences from the support services by mouth and on social media. 

If you want that to happen to your company, elevate your customer support quality. Address your buyers’ concerns correctly and promptly. Doing so shows that you genuinely value them and their patronage.

Here are other tips:

  • Maintain proper documentation of your customers’ complaints and resolutions made
  • Be courteous when communicating with them
  • Make transactions feel personal, not merely transactional
  • Offer alternative solutions to appease frustrated shoppers

Maximizing advanced technologies also helps elevate your customer support. For example, chatbots can record or resolve requests instantly 24/7 in human-sounding conversations.

Using customer service ticketing platforms empowers buyers to direct their complaints online and get tracking numbers. 

These platforms help even different agents create easy-to-follow trails for specific complaints and their corresponding solutions.

3. Publish unique, impressive content

Value-laden content is an evergreen yet continuously effective way to impress your target audiences. 

By offering meaty information, you make consumers see you as a trusted source and want to learn more from you. This gives excellent chances to invite them to subscribe to your content.

Examples of unique content you can publish are:

  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Blog post series
  • Podcasts
  • Video interviews, and many more

To help you create and organize your content production and publication processes, use robust content management tools

They have features that ease designing images, storing and editing digital assets, commenting for feedback, and automatically scheduling their publication, among others.

4. Build a robust refer-a-friend program

Propel your customers to spread the word about your brand and recruit new shoppers. Do this by building a referral program with enticing rewards and clear tracking systems.

First, sketch a diagram of how the processes will go. Define your offer for the person referring to your brand and every new, successfully converted member. This is typically in monetary terms. Will it be $5, $10, or others?

Next, set up analytics and tracking systems. Companies usually use codes and insert them in referral links that new buyers can click to sign up. You can then see updates and related activities in a referral software dashboard.

Other tracking alternatives and reporting tools include Google Analytics and Google Sheets integrated with form builders.

Once you’ve developed your referral program and tracking system, plan your promotional schemes.

You can discreetly display your announcement on noticeable areas of your site. Below is an example by Soko Glam. The store displayed its offer on the bottom left of its homepage:

Offer CTA on HomePage. Source: Soko Glam

You can also inform customers on your social media accounts, emails, and other online channels. This quickly makes your efforts branch out and reach numerous new buyers.

5. Leverage brand partnerships

Work with non-competing, already-established brands when implementing inexpensive offline marketing activities. 

Choose businesses with the same values as yours. Partner also with those that target similar audiences but offer products complementing your goods.

Let’s say you sell fitness shirts. You can partner with brands selling all-natural beverages that happen to organize fun runs. Your role could be to provide for their racers’ shirts.

You can even collaborate with yoga-promoting bloggers or health coaches who are also YouTube influencers. Partner with them through contest giveaways and affiliate links.

Other strategies include sponsoring charity organizations’ activities and guesting on companies’ podcasts and webinars.

Whatever scheme you propose, ensure that it’s a win-win situation for you and your partners-to-be. Here’s how to achieve that:

  • Create common promotional goals 
  • Agree on your marketing plans and directions
  • Help one another succeed in your collaborative venture

By leveraging other businesses’ audience reach and influence, you skyrocket your brand awareness efforts and sales opportunities to new customers.

Get your brand Awareness spreading like wildfire

There’s no better time than now to boost your brand awareness. The online marketplace thrives with healthy competition and numerous sales opportunities. Advanced technologies have even emerged to support your business goals. 

Take advantage of these as you work to get your brand out there. As you do that, remain consistent with your company image and put your customers front and center. 

In time, people and other businesses will look up to you as a renowned brand to always watch out for.

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