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Nike India Presents Da Da Ding Female Athleticism Ad

Nike Nike Da Da Ding

The new ad of Nike ‘Da Da Ding‘ has got the internet buzz for Female Athleticism. It came out with the new ad featuring female athletes, doing what they do best like running, suit jumping etc.

Various visual of Indian female athletes are shown in this ad. The background music is awesome suits the Indian Pop Culture.This ad is featuring various female athletes of India.Some of them are even not famous on the screen.

Nike Presents Da Da Ding

Nike Ad

Deepika Padukon Nike Sports

Deepika Padukon Nike Sports

This ads visuals the growing participation of women athletes in Indian Sports. While sharing the Campaign, Deepika Padukone mentioned how important sports have been in her life. She also discussed about her depression and how sports helped her to came out of it.


Really amazing ad by the Nike #justdoit. Nike has present the women, in which no commercial had presented before.Beautiful music and visual composition made the ads more appealing. Unlike other ad music, the music of this ads is really amazing.

But as far as product placement is considered, from one angle it seem to be a ad of shoes. Good music and visual effect is discarding the eye from Nike shoes. But over all a very good ad by Nike.#justdoit

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